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Overcoming Payer Challenges With Perficient’s Shop, Quote & Enroll Solution

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, payers face numerous challenges in delivering efficient and personalized services to their members. The traditional healthcare experience is often fraught with complexities, inefficiencies, and a lack of transparency, leaving both payers and members frustrated.  

The Challenges: 

  1. Lack of a Single Member View: Payers often struggle with fragmented member data across various systems, leading to a lack of a unified view of their customers. This disconnect can hinder their ability to provide personalized services and make informed decisions. 
  2. Disparate Data and Inefficient Systems: Disjointed systems and processes can be a major roadblock to operational efficiency. Payers need a solution that streamlines their workflows and eliminates data silos. 
  3. Strict Data Privacy Considerations (HIPAA/PHI): Payers must navigate complex data privacy laws, which add an extra layer of complexity to their operations. 
  4. Need to Maximize Operational Efficiency: Inefficiencies in administrative processes, such as manual paperwork and redundant tasks, can drive up operational costs. Payers are looking for ways to cut unnecessary expenses and maximize efficiency. 
  5. Providing a More Personalized, Streamlined, and Transparent Healthcare Experience: In an age of personalized shopping experiences and instant access to information, consumers expect the same level of convenience and transparency when it comes to managing their health coverage. 

Introducing Shop, Quote & Enroll for Health Plans

To address these challenges, payers are seeking technology solutions that create a unified ecosystem of data and processes. The vision is to establish an experience that is seamless, tailored, and highly efficient. Perficient’s Shop, Quote & Enroll solution for individual and family, Medicare, and small group lines of business is poised to transform the way payers and members interact with the healthcare system. By addressing critical pain points, streamlining processes, and prioritizing data privacy, this solution brings healthcare into the modern age.  

Shop, Quote & Enroll leverages Salesforce and its out-of-the-box solutions created specifically for health insurers. This scalable offering can be implemented across one or many lines of business, and can be leveraged to optimize the lifecycle of payer offering: from providing members and brokers the option to shop for the coverage that suits their needs, generate a quote, enroll in their chosen plan, and renew their plan. 

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Perficient has an experienced team of experts with a proven track record of implementing Shop, Quote & Enroll, enabling our customers to realize the following business outcomes: 

  1. Increased Member Digital Engagement and Personalization: With a single customer view and streamlined processes, payers can offer more personalized services to their members. This leads to higher member satisfaction and greater engagement with digital healthcare tools. 
  2. Capturing Timely Prospect Information: The solution enables payers to capture prospect information in real time, offering a more efficient sales process. 
  3. Operational/Administrative Efficiencies and Decreased Costs: By eliminating redundant tasks and streamlining systems, payers can reduce operational costs. This includes a reduction in paperwork, administrative overhead, and the overall cost of managing member data. 
  4. Time Savings for Sales Agents: Sales agents benefit from the improved efficiency of the system, as they spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with prospects and members.  

Perficient + Salesforce

We are a Salesforce Summit Partner with more than two decades of experience delivering digital solutions in the manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, financial services, and high-tech industries. Our team has deep expertise in all Salesforce Clouds and products, artificial intelligence, DevOps, and specialized domains to help you reap the benefits of implementing Salesforce solutions.



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Chelsea Monda

As a Healthcare Industry Lead within the Salesforce practice at Perficient, Chelsea deeply understands the challenges payers and providers face in the healthcare sector. This experience has allowed her to lead teams in developing solutions that optimize processes, streamline operations, and enhance the quality of the member and patient experience. She strives to drive impactful changes in the healthcare industry, leveraging the power of technology and innovative strategies.

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