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How to Upgrade Standard Einstein Bot into Enhanced Bot?


Hello Trailblazers…

Welcome to the Series of Salesforce Einstein Chatbots!  Part 3

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer engagement, providing seamless and personalized experiences has become paramount. With Salesforce’s Einstein Bots, businesses can leverage the power of AI-driven conversations to elevate their customer interactions. However, as needs grow more complex, the demand for more advanced bot capabilities rises.

When it comes to offering advanced capabilities and customization options beyond what is available with Standard Bots, Enhanced Bots come into the picture.

If you do not know What is Salesforce Einstein Chatbot and how to create an Einstein chatbot in your Salesforce org, you can go with these links.

In this blog, we are going to learn about the process of converting or upgrading Standard Einstein Bots into Enhanced Bots within the Salesforce ecosystem.

So, let’s get started…

What is Standard Bot?

  1. Standard Bots are the basic form of bots available in Salesforce.
  2. They offer fundamental conversational capabilities, such as answering frequently asked questions, capturing leads, and routing conversations to agents.
  3. Standard Bots are suitable for simple use cases and are easy to set up and deploy.
  4. They provide basic functionality out-of-the-box without requiring extensive customization.
  5. Standard Bots are often used for basic customer service tasks and can help automate routine interactions with customers.
  6. After building the Bot in Einstein Builder, there are two options to preview it – 1) Rich Content Preview and 2) Text Preview.

What is Enhanced Bot?

  1. Enhanced Bots offer advanced capabilities and customization options beyond what is available with Standard Bots.
  2. They provide more flexibility in designing conversational flows, integrating with external systems, and implementing custom business logic.
  3. Enhanced Bots can be tailored to specific business requirements and use cases, allowing for a more personalized and sophisticated conversational experience.
  4. Enhanced Bots often require more extensive configuration and development effort compared to Standard Bots but offer greater flexibility and functionality.
  5. They are suitable for complex use cases, such as advanced customer support, sales assistance, appointment scheduling, and product recommendation systems.
  6. While building an Enhanced Bot on the Bot Builder page, a rich content preview is not available.

How to upgrade Standard Bot to Enhanced Bot?

Take a scenario in which you have already created a Standard bot with few functionalities and then want to convert it to an Enhanced Bot for more customizations and functionalities. Then, how to do this?

It can be done with very simple steps. So, follow the below steps to convert your Standard bot to an Enhanced one.

  1. Go to the Setup.
  2. Enter Einstein in the quick find box and click “Einstein Bots”.
  3. Here, we have already a Standard bot – Cloudy.
  4. Click on the lightning dropdown menu button or down arrow button beside the Status Column as shown in the figure below. And it will show three menu items.Img1
  5. Click on “Clone”. It will pop up a model in which the Bot Name and API Name populate automatically.
  6. In select a type of Bot, select “Enhanced: A bot that uses flows for more flexible routing” as shown in the figure below.Img2
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Save.Thus, the Bot is cloned here.


So, you can see here that the Standard Bot cloudy successfully cloned/converted to the Enhanced Bot as a Cloned Copy.


  1. Standard bot can be cloned into Enhanced and Standard too as shown in the figure.
  2.  Enhanced bot can only be cloned into Enhanced Bot.



So, with just a few clicks you can clone or upgrade your Standard Bot to Enhanced and enjoy the advanced capabilities and customizations in it.


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