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New from Perficient: ACS AEM Commons Audit Log Search

On a recent project, we had some issues around go-live where production content was being overwritten, deleted or changed. We needed to figure out what was causing these issues quickly, as this was affecting author productivity and could potentially cause content issues if the wrong content went live. At the time, we used queries in […]

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AEM 6.3 First Looks: Content as a Service

To the seasoned Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) architect the mention of a new content as a service feature might garner a raised eyebrow. After all, AEM has long provided (we thought) “content as a service” through use of Sling Selectors. That is any AEM page can be dissected by the use of selectors. See: https://sling.apache.org/documentation/the-sling-engine/url-decomposition.html. […]

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Rebuild Indexes in AEM with OAK Index Manager

Looking to rebuild indexes in Adobe Experience Manager? Need to boost query performance? Apart from optimized code, indexing plays a very important role in an application running smoothly. If you have more queries, you need to index your nodes in order to quickly get a response. In a recent project, I found a problem related […]

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AEM Infrastructure Series: A Guide to SAML2 SSO on AEM 6.x

Why the Guide? The Adobe documentation is a great reference for SAML2 setup. However, it lacks background information and certain implementation details and tips that can be critical to implementing SAML2 on AEM 6.x. Hopefully this guide will help! https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-2/administer/security/saml-2-0-authenticationhandler.html What is SAML2? Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0) is a version of the […]

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All You Need to Know About Adobe Experience Manager 6.3

At last month’s Adobe Summit, Adobe officially unveiled and introduced the next generation of Adobe Experience Manager, AEM 6.3. There are a lot new and exciting things that the community is looking forward to in this new version. And this year, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the Adobe AEM Beta Program […]

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The Power of Transient Workflow in AEM

When a workflow executes in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), it stores workflow runtime information in the JCR repository under the instance node. This feature is useful when auditing is required on each step of the workflow status. The downside of this feature is the growth of the repository size, as a large repository can eventually inhibit performance and cause disk […]

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Increasing Desired Search Results with Oak Indexing Analyzer

Adobe Summit 2017 showcased a powerful feature of OAK Indexing that comes with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3 with OAK Version 1.6.1. Oak Index Analyzer provides attributes that help in boosting search to get the desired results. The way it works is that each of the indexes can be defined with analyzer nodes with properties defined […]

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Adobe Experience Manager Multi Site Manager Cheat Sheets

Multi Site Manager (MSM) is an extremely useful feature in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that allows marketers to reuse content in multiple locations. Imagine you have a global website that contains multiple languages and regions; a page in a different region is similar to the national page, with some regional content variations. Marketers can create […]

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Reduce Your Development Time with AEM Chrome Plug-in

While attending one of the hands-on session labs at Adobe Summit 2017, I came across an interesting tool: the AEM Chrome Plug-in. Add the plug-in to your Chrome browser and configure it. When you open the Chrome Developer Tools, it shows as a tab. The UI is very simple and easy to navigate. It as a […]

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Adobe and Microsoft: Preserving the Status Quo is Not a Strategy

“Preserving the status quo is not a strategy.”  That’s how Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen kicked off the Adobe Summit on Tuesday. He was speaking of digital disruption and transformation in general, but what amounted to a vision statement could just as easily sum up the burgeoning new alliance between his company and Microsoft. The status […]

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