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Agile Development

Shot of a team of executives having a formal meeting in a boardroom

Tips & Tricks – Part 3 of User Story Writing

This blog is the third and final post in a series about leveraging user stories to improve product outcomes. In this post we will explore how the utilization of just a few simple tips and tricks can help build a meaningful backlog of valuable user stories. What are the “3 C’s” in Agile? One of […]

Shot of a team of executives having a formal meeting in a boardroom

Are we Agile Yet?

Agile is a Cliché, a widely used Phrase in today’s Industrial timeline. Evey Organisation, Group, Team wants to be Agile. But is it adopted in the name only??? Agile frameworks hold such promise. From focusing on value driven delivery to empowered investors or stakeholders, it is the time to be part of enthusing Software development. […]

01 Major Not For Profit Health Insurer Successstory

Capacity-Based Vendor Consolidation: A Transition Success Story – Equipping People and Processes

Health insurers play a unique and crucial role in ensuring that people have access to affordable, high-quality care. As the stewards of sensitive data and the day-to-day face of healthcare interactions for many of their members, it is imperative that they remain adaptive and forward looking, constantly evolving to meet new requirements, expectations, and demands. […]

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Acceptance Criteria – Part 2 of User Story

This blog is the second post in a series about leveraging user stories to improve product outcomes. In this post, we will explore how acceptance criteria can be used to define the scope and requirements of user stories. What are Acceptance Criteria? Acceptance criteria, or AC, are the minimum level of expectations that need to […]

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How to Write a User Story – Part 1

This blog is the first post in a series about leveraging user stories to improve product outcomes. In this post, we will explore how to write compelling user stories to quickly deliver value to your customers. The User Story – Your Key to Unlocking Product Value Picture this. It’s demo day. You’re excited to finally […]

Paulo And Johnpaul

Lessons Learned in Product Development from Paulo Neto’s eMLS Success

Our colleagues in Atlanta had the wonderful opportunity to step into the world of competitive gaming as they met, and even got to play against multiple eMLS champion Paulo Neto! Paulo Neto represents Atlanta United and is a renowned eSports athlete Known for his prowess in FIFA. Paulo shared his insights into his journey as […]

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4 Crucial Benefits of Agile Project Management for Healthcare Providers and Payers

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) are doubling down on business resiliency, cost optimization, and better experiences for their consumers and employees. To operationalize the important tasks at hand, many of these teams are adopting more modern, Agile methods to streamline and speed that progress. And importantly, health plans and systems increasingly rally digital, IT, and marketing teams […]

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Showing Grit When Performing Manual QA

Many times, in my career when performing QA, I’ve dealt with many times where I’ve felt uncertain about my efforts. Through my work at Perficient—and with the help of my team—I’ve learned over time how to persist and show grit in testing to be able to ensure the highest quality of work delivered throughout a […]

Planning For Future Success

10 Ways Agile Supports Product-Driven Healthcare

The shift from a project to a product mindset is particularly relevant for health insurers and healthcare providers as they aim to enhance their agility, responsiveness, and consumer-centric focus. Agile methodologies play a crucial role in facilitating and supporting this transition in the healthcare industry. Agile’s role in product-driven healthcare Continuous Improvement in Healthcare Services: […]

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Is Your Healthcare Digital Organization Really Product-Driven?

Digital organizations in health payers and providers strive to enhance value for their patients and members. And the stakes are high for these consumers. After all, healthcare decisions impact health, wallet, and emotional well-being. That means digital experiences become an important opportunity to positively fill gaps – both before and after care is received. What […]

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The Neuroscience of Success: The Secret to Fearless App Modernization

In a comedy special, Jerry Seinfeld once humorously said, “I saw a study that said speaking in front of a crowd is considered the number one fear of the average person. I found that amazing. Number two was death. Death was number two? This means to the average person if you have to be at […]

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Observations From Making the Move From Jira to Azure DevOps: Key Differences, Pros and Cons

It’s a tale as old as time, or at least as old as Star Wars. I have “gone to the dark side” of project management platforms by dipping my toes in the Azure DevOps pool (spoiler alert, come on in! The water is fine). And while these two platforms can even be integrated with one […]

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