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Composable Martech: Unpack the Stack

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It’s clear in 2024 that the martech spaces continues to adopt a composable mindset towards technology architectures. Traditional martech players are offering more flexible product offerings by decoupling architectures, breaking up large suites into independent composable products. Newer cloud-native pureplay and point solutions are offering extension points and turn-key integrations with other composable tools to fit nicely into new modern architectures. New and emerging categories of composable products are being born, helping to integrate and orchestrate workflows, content, and data across a variety of loosely connected martech products.

It’s clear that products across the full spectrum are doubling down on improving marketing and business user tooling, ensuring they provide a delightful experience to business users and developers alike.

The purpose of this series is to unpack many of the new trends, capabilities, and categories of products in modern martech architectures. We’ll cover a variety of topics, from visual authoring experiences, content aggregation, multi-product orchestration, and integration tools. Let’s dive into the series from here – below you will find an up-to-date index of everything in the series.

Part 1: Frontend as a Service (FEaaS)

Part 2: Experience Builders

Part 3: Orchestration & Federation

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Mark Ursino

Mark Ursino is Director, DXP at Perficient. He focuses on solving problems with Sitecore, Optimizely, and pureplay CMS solutions. His interests include content authoring experience, marketing technology enablement, and composable solutions. Mark is a 12-time Sitecore MVP.

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