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Preparing for HCIC 2021

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It’s time for the Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC), reconvening in person Nov. 2-4, 2021, at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Resort. The HCIC experience aims to help healthcare teams refocus marketing and digital efforts while lifting up their team and organization after a tough year. The 25th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference is the premier Fall forum to reconnect, re-energize and once again, learn from one another.

We’re excited to participate again as a speaker and a sponsor.

Download the official 2021 HCIC brochure and agenda now.

Motivations for Reaching a Diverse Audience by Perficient’s Healthcare Team

Chandra Cravens, Senior Healthcare Strategist

Cc“I spent my childhood shadowing my mother as she worked as a nurse in nursing homes and hospitals, watching how access to good healthcare providers and services can be truly transformative to people’s lives, especially in areas and in communities where healthcare access is either limited or nonexistent. Because of that experience, I’ve spent the past 20 years working as a marketer and communicator for several hospitals, focused on helping to ensure that those health systems were helping every patient get access to quality care.

It’s a personal mission for me as a Black woman and digital healthcare strategist to help organizations reframe the way we consider engaging consumers, particularly those that we often label as ‘marginalized’ or ‘underserved.’ What are their unique needs and motivators? What are their barriers to care? And, most importantly, how can we use the best of what we know in marketing and tech to improve their access to care, create meaningful engagement, and integrate their perspectives and voice into the marketing work we are all challenged to do?

I hope attendees will leave our presentation understanding the buzzwords of ‘diversity and inclusion’ are weightier and more impactful on the consumers they seek to engage with and care for.”

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Jenny Berryman Horne, Director

Jbh“We know that a significant portion of patients delay or avoid seeking healthcare for themselves because of their minority status and fear that their provider may not get them. For me, I’m jazzed about the opportunity to swap stories with an amazing cross-section of healthcare marketers about how we can break through this sort of hesitation in pockets of our communities by shifting how we approach diversity, equity, and inclusion in our materials. This is the kind of work that can literally change lives for the better.

If even one attendee returns to their work after next week feeling energized to make changes — which in turn leads to a more inclusive website or campaign — it could literally result in hundreds or thousands of new patients coming in for care. And not to steal our own thunder, but this is exactly what we’ve seen happen with some of our clients who have measured their inclusivity changes with analytics. So it is an exciting topic, and an important time to come together to discuss what we can all do.”

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Join Our Pre-Conference Workshop: Reaching Diverse Audiences

Did vaccine registrations highlight pockets of disenfranchised patients? Is your organization seeing diverse population growth? Or maybe virtual care has expanded your reach into new geographies and demographics – overnight?

Join us Tuesday, Nov. 2 at 10:30 a.m. for an HCIC pre-conference workshop, Lessons Reinforced by a Pandemic, Reaching Diverse Audiences. We’ll explore barriers and opportunities of engaging diverse healthcare audiences, with a special audience focus on:

  • English as a second language, immigrant populations
  • African American
  • Latino
  • Older adults
  • LGBTQ+

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