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Sharon Suchoval

Sharon Suchoval is Digital and Social Media Marketing Manager at Perficient, Inc.

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Extreme Customer Experience Makeover

Digital innovation continues to disrupt industries at lightning speed. Today’s organizations are transforming their entire business – from strategy to operations, technology to culture – to better deliver value to their customers. In 2017, we compiled the top 10 trends leaders needed to know when it came to their digital transformation journey. In this 10-week […]

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Apigee and Pivotal Partnership Accelerates Value for APIs

API management leader and Google subsidiary Apigee recently announced a partnership with Pivotal to accelerate application modernization and microservices management. Intent on accelerating the application development process, the partnership promises to add greater value as organizations look to improve their innovation methodologies. Additionally, both Apigee and Pivotal are Perficient partners. The Apigee partnership comes upon […]

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[GUIDE]: API Management Best Practices in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations find themselves in a rapidly changing landscape with rising costs, changing consumer demands, and evolving technology solutions. With so many executives caught between adopting new solutions and maintaining legacy infrastructure, strategies are necessary for moving forward, especially in a competitive market. We understand these challenges and recently authored a guide that addresses the […]

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Trend Tuesday: Understanding the Coherence Economy

If you wanted to take a vacation two decades ago, you likely picked up the phone and called a travel agent. Over the phone, you would tell your travel agent what you wanted to do and they in turn, would communicate the logistics of that activity. When you arrived at your destination(s), you would have […]

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Recap: Overcoming the Hype to Blockchain Adoption

Yesterday, we held a webinar where we discussed the state of Blockchain and how technology professionals should approach the nascent technology beyond the buzzword. Led by Naveen Sachdeva, Perficient’s solution director and blockchain practice lead, the webinar attracted over 600 attendees. Here were some of the highlights: Defining Blockchain Many including the general public still […]

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The Case for a Connected Business

Our partner Dell Boomi recently released a report concerning the case for a connected business. In the report, they polled a number of IT professionals regarding the impact of integration on their business. Some of the answers included: 89% of organizations suffer drawbacks from poor integration 59% of integration professionals say poor integration is their […]

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Salesforce’s MuleSoft Acquisition Underscores The Importance of Integration

We are no strangers to Salesforce and MuleSoft, working in tandem with both partners to achieve integration success with our customers across a variety of industries. As the dust finally settling on Salesforce’s monumental $6.5 billion dollar acquisition of MuleSoft, we wanted to also acknowledge what this means for the industry now and going forward. […]

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Blockchain Adoption By Industry

One of the mysteries of blockchain lies in its industry applications. While many understand its usage in banking for secure, untampered transactions, innovators are looking to other industries for practical use too, particularly in recording and verifying a high volume of transactions. Here are some less common areas that stand to gain from the influence […]

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Case Study: Quenching the Thirst of Customer Data

For the modern consumer, having a cold soda with a burger and fries no longer ends at the conclusion of the meal. In reality, the customer experience is just beginning, since the most frenzied of fans can now connect with one another through mobile applications, social media, fan experiences, and more. With customers desiring more […]

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Overcoming Challenges to Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain was 2017’s technology buzzword of the year, inspired by developments in cryptocurrencies and a desire for more secure transactions. Blockchain technology has the potential to transform enterprise business models through cost reduction and increased operational efficiency. Yet, there are challenges to adopting Blockchain, as it is a nascent technology. Some of these challenges include: […]

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4 Characteristics of Leading iPaaS Platforms

Technology integration and migration are complicated no matter what kind of organization you are. In the process of implementation, leaders need to understand the key aspects of whichever platform they choose, in addition to its usefulness for any business use case. For those looking to adopt iPaaS, understanding the market is also important, especially since […]

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Trend Tuesday: Playing Ball with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

March has arrived, which means besides the excitement of March Madness and basketball, baseball is back! With teams gathering in Florida and Arizona for Spring Training and being optimistic to win this years’ World Series, some are looking to technology to help bolster their chances of winning. One interesting case in point comes from our […]

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Recap: Leveraging Amazon Connect for Customer Contact Centers

Customer service is more important than ever, especially with more choice on the market. For organizations, there is a salient need to implement systems that offer quick resolution and high customer satisfaction. In a recent webinar, we shared how Amazon Connect, can transform your Customer Contact Center. The technology, developed by Amazon internally to serve […]

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Trend Tuesday: API Management To Soar in 2018

API Management is an emerging trend for 2018 as organizations discover their versatility, cost savings, and business value. According to Carl Lehmann of 451 Research, the stage is set as the availability of holistic API strategies provide the ability to roll out programs supporting initiatives including the Internet of Things (IoT) or voice interfaces. Opportunity […]

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Cloud Computing Adoption Continues to Surge in 2018

At Perficient, we’re all about having our pulse on the state of technology and the trends impacting business. Around this time of the year, we look out for surveys, including RightScale’s State of the Cloud Report. A regular fixture in the technology community, this particular survey answers burning questions around cloud adoption, usage, and anticipated […]

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Trend Tuesday: The Analytics of Dating

Romantics and poets have spent considerable amounts of time trying to quantify love over the past several centuries with very limited success. Scientists including Johannes Kepler (more famous for discovering law of planetary motion) even devised the Marriage (Secretary) Problem, a method using interviewing methods and analytics for increasing optimizing finding a mate. More recently, […]

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Trend Tuesday: Comparing aPaaS with PaaS

A noticeable trend lately in enterprise technology is in the Platform-as-a-Service arena. PaaS is the middle layer of the cloud, above infrastructure and below applications, including software (SaaS). Middle layer technologies, or “middleware”, include 10 different categories including application servers, databases, portals, messaging, business process management (BPM), and middleware technologies. Over time, many of these […]

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[DOWNLOAD]: 3 Ways to Jumpstart Your iPaaS Program

Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) initiatives are top of mind for IT executives looking to extend the value of existing on-premises applications by leveraging new cloud, mobile, and data applications, while also discovering new ways to engage with customers. However, IT leaders must consider implementation best practices in order to reap the benefits. We understand the integration […]

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Trend Tuesday: Data Compliance with GDPR

New Year – new data compliance. As analytics and big data continue to gain acceptance in the enterprise, governments are catching on and developing regulations to curtail abuse and monitor responses to data breaches. In particular, organizations doing business in Europe will need to comply with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to go […]

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Trend Tuesday: DevOps Tastes Evolve in the Enterprise

With accelerated innovation top of mind for numerous organizations, the past few years have seen an influx of adoption in DevOps for automation, development, and collaboration. Much of this is response to competitive threats, requiring the quick addition of new code and services into applications. Perficient partner CloudBees understands the value of DevOps and recently […]

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