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Can an Apple Watch Keep the Doctor Away?

Apple launched the Apple Watch in 2015 and has been making improvements to it ever since. Today’s announcement was no different.

Freedom to Get Fit Where You Want to Get Fit

In prior versions, you would need to be in close proximity of your iPhone in order to run all of the Apple Watch supported apps. With the introduction of built in LTE, those days are history. Your watch is now cellular.

The new Apple Watch will give you the freedom to track your health and fitness without having to “lug around” your iPhone. Welcome to hands-free health.

  • Make calls from your watch while you work out.
  • Track your GPS and distance without using a separate device.
  • Stream your music while you work out.
  • Triathalons can’t even stop this watch. It’s swimproof.

A new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that “being sedentary for longer chunks of time, unpunctuated by any small activity, may be just as bad as sitting for more hours total.” The new intelligent activity tracker will track when you move, exercise or stand. Sitting is the new smoking. The Apple Watch could be the perfect prescription.

Let’s Get Social

Fitness is always best when you have someone to motivate you. Your Apple Watch will step right in and be your coach, sending you motivational notes when you need them and tracking your goals and epic achievements.

You can also share your activity with your friends and encourage them on their health journey.

Heart to Heart

Your heart rate is a valuable tool in measuring your overall health. The Apple Watch will track resting, walking and recovery heart rate for you. But wait, there’s more. In addition to showing you your resting and recovery heart rate, it will also notify you when you are approaching a workout level that is a bit too intense or when you are experiencing high stress levels.

It also gives you tools to decrease that stress. Did you know there is one activity that you can add to your life that can increase focus, decrease disease, and reduce depression? Yep…it’s meditation…and the Apple Watch will coach your breathing to keep you calm and centered.

And A Few Extras

Using third party apps, you can be reminded to drink your water and to stop binge-watching so you can get enough sleep. And of course, Siri is with you through it all.


Every iteration of the Apple Watch is advancing personal health a bit further. Starting at $329, it’s not a bad price for a coach, a heart rate monitor, and a meditation class. Plus…if used optimally, it just may reduce some of your doctor’s bills.

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