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Jordan KanterMarketing Director

Jordan Kanter is a Marketing Director at Perficient. With over a decade of experience in digital, he has helped leading brands such as TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, The Hartford, United Airlines, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and Hyundai to drive ROI across channels.

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The Foundation of Generative AI: The Imperative of Clean Data

The Setting Imagine a solitary walk in a crowded park in the middle of downtown. Walking down the main path, one can hear joggers bounding past one’s left, a couple laughing to one’s right, a street musician playing the violin over one’s shoulder, and a group of children laughing at the playground somewhere off and […]

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Journey Science : How Journey Science is Transforming Data Science and Customer Experience

Computer Science, Data Science, Journey Science.     Computer Science: The Here and Now In the beginning, Computer Science was abstract. The theoretical concepts of Boole, Turing, Babbage, and Lovelace quickly gave way to real-life innovations. Their focus was ambitious but simple: Change the world by making our lives more efficient and less error-prone, relying […]

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Solving the Customer Data Puzzle: Why Your CRM is Not Enough

According to a recent survey conducted by Gartner, it was revealed that a significant misconception exists among sales and marketing leaders  regarding the function of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Surprisingly, 51% of marketers mistakenly believe that their CRM system also can serve as a CDP*, and only 58% of […]

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Unlocking the Power of Customer Data: 4 Key Trends

Customer data and customer data strategy present unique use cases to the business. Customer data can help organizations identify, track, optimize, and individualize the customer journey. In 2023, leveraging customer data via a robust strategy is table stakes. Armed with a robust customer data strategy and success metrics, organizations can respond more quickly to customer […]

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Ready or Not, GA4 is Coming

Google Analytics – the linchpin of every digital marketer’s data reporting schema – is set to go through some big changes in the next year. As I detailed earlier this year, Google has announced that in 2023 they will deprecate Universal Analytics (UA), the version of Google Analytics that we have become accustomed to over […]

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How to find the Perfect Balance between Customer Experience and Sales

Why find a balance? Even a perfect product needs Sales and Marketing. Contrary to what some in Silicon Valley would have you believe, products do not sell themselves. Every product, no matter how genius, needs: Integrated and Omni-Channel Marketing to educate the public about your product and/or service Sales and Account Management to deliver your […]


Google’s Universal Analytics Is Disappearing: How It Impacts You

In March, Google announced all Universal Analytics (UA) properties will stop processing data on July 1, 2023, and Google Analytics 360 properties (GA360) will stop on October 1, 2023. The alternative? Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a more robust analytics platform that Google launched in 2020. What makes GA4 different than UA? There are several […]

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Why your Adobe Marketing Infrastructure Needs Journey Science: How to Get Started

Adobe Marketing Infrastructure: The Future is Today Today’s Adobe Marketing practitioners are at a crossroads. The massive proliferation of channels coupled with the needs of online or online-only consumers requires a tremendous up-leveling of Marketer’s activities and scale. Today’s Adobe Omni-Channel Marketing stack is more than capable of building that future. Still, most Marketers are […]

Customer Data Platforms and Marketing

Marketing, Not Sales, Should Own Your Customer Data Platform Strategy

My Grandfather was incredible at sales. His energy, insight, and personality ensured his client’s success. As a result, he was consistently a top seller and took home numerous sales awards throughout his career. But, like many sales professionals, patience was not a virtue. Business math and numbers did not interest him. Instead, his primary activity […]

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Master Data Management is not Strategy – How to win with a Customer Data Platform 

Customer data platforms are more then Master Data Management solutions. They provide critical business value in today’s digital-first world.

Adobe Summit 2021

2021 Adobe Summit Recap: In a world where Multi-Channel Marketing scales, Marketo rules

Imagine you are sitting in a movie theater (or in this case, 2021 Adobe Summit). The lights drop, the green preview screen comes on, and the booming voice of Don LaFontaine comes over the loudspeaker: “In a world where Multi-Channel Marketing scales, Marketo Rules” This year’s Adobe Summit introduced us to such a world. In […]

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Modular Omni-channel Marketing Content: A Game Changer for Personalization Campaigns

Technical Marketers running personalization campaigns need content. Images, pull quotes, slugs, call-to-actions, short and long form videos, infographics, and polls all may be needed when building relevant and engaging experiences. However, tracking down content that is useful, relevant, and the right size and shape is difficult. More difficult is finding the right content for the […]

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