Why your Adobe Marketing Infrastructure Needs Journey Science: How to Get Started

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Adobe Marketing Infrastructure: The Future is Today

Today’s Adobe Marketing practitioners are at a crossroads. The massive proliferation of channels coupled with the needs of online or online-only consumers requires a tremendous up-leveling of Marketer’s activities and scale. Today’s Adobe Omni-Channel Marketing stack is more than capable of building that future. Still, most Marketers are neither ready nor steeped in the philosophical approach needed to make the most use of their industry-best architecture. Like a toddler driving a Ferrari, many Marketers are unsure how to use the vehicle and quite unclear on the premium such performance vehicles offer. Luckily, Perficient has developed a state-of-the-art framework to make the best use of your Ferrari today.


Journey Science:  Bringing Science to the Art

Perficient’s Journey Science framework is an innovative and transformative approach to CX. By injecting Machine Learning into Persona design and strategic thinking into your Marketing efforts, Journey Science practitioners uncover insights at scale and reimagine their customer experiences. By developing the right personas and infusing industry-leading analytics into your stack, today’s Adobe Marketers and Product leaders can invest the time and resources correctly to learn more about their customers and build experiences that truly resonate. By leveraging this framework, Marketers can establish the most meaningful experiences to build and how to personalize such experiences.

Ultimately, these leading Adobe marketers use the Perficient Journey Science model to transform their Enterprise and invent the future.


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Jordan Kanter, Marketing Director

Jordan Kanter is a Marketing Director at Perficient. With over a decade of experience in digital, he has helped leading brands such as TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, The Hartford, United Airlines, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and Hyundai to drive ROI across channels.

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