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Perficient Listed in The AI Service Providers Landscape, Q3 Report

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Finding the Right AI Service Provider in a Data-Driven World

It is not easy for even the most advanced enterprises to master modeling, data, applications, and digital expertise. Having the ability to take advantage of AI’s full potential as its capabilities expand is becoming increasingly important each day.

A decision made using AI-driven intelligence will ensure that the best outcome can be achieved against change and disruption. As a result, according to Forrester’s AI Service Providers Landscape, Q3 2022 report, “47% of data and analytic decision-makers indicate that they will partner with service providers to access AI capabilities.” That is why it is important for technology and data leaders to have a strong partner to help them through their journey of mastering AI.

In the report, Forrester defines service providers as:

“Organizations that engage with technology and data leaders to apply AI to strategic and operational business transformation initiatives across the enterprise or within areas of the business to drive competitive advantage. They bring a holistic approach to client engagements across strategy, people, process, data, and technology and combine management and technology consulting to drive high-impact business outcomes.”


According to Forrester, data and analytic decision-makers engage with AI service providers to:

  • “Accelerate time-to-value and scale the impact of strategic AI applications…
  • Upskill the entire enterprise to be AI native… [and]
  • Mitigate AI project risk.”

The AI Service Providers Landscape, Q3 2022

For this report, Forrester requested information from each vendor and asked the vendor detailed questions. Forrester categorized vendors based on geographic focus, industry focus, and type of offering.

Perficient was listed as a medium provider in this space ($250 million-$2.5 billion annual revenue) with an industry focus on financial services, healthcare, and industrial products, and a geographic focus in North America.

To learn more, download The AI Service Providers Landscape, Q3 2022 report, which is now available for purchase or to Forrester subscribers.

How Perficient Uses AI to Help Clients Succeed

Many AI programs fail because they were not built for future scale or to address real-world challenges.  We help our clients develop an AI roadmap that is grounded in smaller, more manageable capabilities and projects to allow them to gain traction and build organizational confidence to move toward bigger goals.

In order to do this, we “think big” by helping our clients identify use cases and brainstorm applications to their challenges. After, we decompose those use cases into functional and technical capabilities. Decomposition allows us to illustrate how capabilities can be applied to multiple use cases and are reusable for long-term scaling that enables a continuous delivery model for long-term outcomes.

And then we “start small and act fast” by prioritizing use cases. Prioritization ensures that what we pursue drives value in a meaningful amount of time and allows us to create success criteria prior to execution. We know that choosing the right use case that is relatively small but will also have a big impact establishes a proof of concept and paves the way for other successful projects down the road for our clients.

Perficient has helped hundreds of customers ideate and deliver AI solutions in predictive modeling, forecasting, image recognition, natural language processing, conversational AI, and intelligent document processing.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage in AI with Perficient

Data and digital experience are no longer just the future, it is now the present and the foundation of data and digital experience is within AI. To learn more, please feel free to reach out to one of our AI experts!



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