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Agile BI & Analytics is the Need of the Hour – Drive insights during Pandemic Uncertainty

What COVID-19 has taught us about the value of data

In uncertain times like these its essential that we consider the disruption that is happening and take a nimble approach to help Organizations including my own by driving analytics and insights across the various Lines of Business.

How can we take all the Public data that is available from John Hopkins, CDC, WHO and various State commissioned data and layer into an Organizations’s business data to tell a story , associate impact and deliver a message around Pandemic readiness and response?  And do that at speed and agility so we can address the following

  • Sanitation of the data while blending it with Organization data
  • Data freshness
  • Data Opps
  • Build trust around the data
  • Drive Adoption and Use with Executive buy in
  • Blending into the existing framework of Analytics and Data delivery while adding value in an iterative manner
  • An agile mindset to surface insights in collaboration with various teams – operating in a Pod and flex capacity

I am putting down a few scenarios to drive the home the idea that every Organization, their Line of Businesses, Operations, Margins, Supply Chain, Hiring, Credit usage, Workforce is disrupted and is looking to track essential KPIs (existing and new) to make sure they are responding to the need of the hour and their customers.

For Healthcare systems to effectively manage a  Pandemic Response and proactively monitor ground reality – they will need to bring in Public data and blend it with their respective EHRs and other Siloed databases.

This blended data will provide visibility into how ready are their Provider pools to tackle the surge of Digital Visits due to social distancing, do they have enough Supply of Physicians, do they have visibility into their PPE supply, Bed Utilization, Infrastructure readiness for remote work, Workflows in place to track Digital Adoption etc.

  • Public sanitized COVID-19 data from John Hopkins, WHO, CDC and other state level Health care data
    • Bed Utilization, Testing Data, ICU Utilization, Sate Entry Points, Air Travel Data, Medical Supplies ( Resourcing )
  • Patient Level REaL GAP data – Race, Ethnicity, Age, Language, Gender, Age, Payor, Sexual Orientation
  • Encounter Level activity and touchpoints
    • Virtual Visits – Telephonic, Video Visits, eVisits , On Demand Video Visits
    • MyChart App engagement
    • Diagnosis
    • Test Administered
    • Emergency and Clinic traffic
    • Procurement data – Vendors supplying safety equipment
    • HR data – Provider pool
  • Department – Facility – Market Roll up Metrics
  • Marketing Outreach data – Pandemic related outreach
    • Social Media Outreach
    • Email Outreach
    • FAQs
    • Chats

For a Bank – Blend Public and Enterprise Data to track

  • Credit loss
  • Customer Level REaL GAP data – Race, Ethnicity, Age, Language, Gender, Age, Payor, Sexual Orientation
  • Credit Stats and Finance Behavior data
  • Marketing Outreach
  • Survey Data

For a Retail business – Blend Public and Enterprise Data to

  • Improve logistics
  • Customer Level REaL GAP data – Race, Ethnicity, Age, Language, Gender, Age, Payor, Sexual Orientation
  • Shopping Behavioral data
  • Virtual Shopping metrics around Shoppers, Market Basket analysis
  • Virtual Payment analytics – Surge of Apple pay etc. to prevent folks using touchpads at checkouts
  • Marketing Outreach
  • Survey Data

To accomplish the following essential entities and capabilities need to be in place 

  • Immediate tactical workshops –  Immediately engage with the Line of Businesses to
    • Discuss Immediate pain points
    • Gaps they need to address
    • The scale the Line of Business needs to operate at
    • The goal here is to have a concrete understanding of the immediate needs and be ready to engage in a very agile manner addressing disruption, daily operational needs and an essential need to deliver insights with new data points at a healthy pace
  • Capability to On-board quickly is very essential to various business use cases
  • Provisioning Activities
    • Extend existing implementations or Stand up new service ( if needed )
  • Data Layer ( Extend existing or create a new Consolidated Staging Area and a Data Mart for Analytics)
    • An ingestion framework to quickly ingest the data
    • Agile Data Pipelines to create the data repository
    • Automation and Orchestration to keep data and Insight Fresh
    • Common Data Model to support Scale and growth
    • Framework in place to Organically on-board new data sets
    • Secure Framework for PII or Highly confidential data
  • Analytics and Insights Layer ( Leverage the Existing BI Platform or Standing up a new one on the Cloud for Agility)
    • Drive insights using Data Modeling & Blending
    • Tactical Command Center KPI Dashboards to Monitor the data – Dashboards and Reports
    • Standard Metrics – One version of truth with Glossary support – Business Layer
    • Mobile capability to consume the insights ( depending upon the tool/platform )
      • Threshold Notifications
      • Embed insights and drive adoption
      • Drive Actions via a Collaboration framework
    • ML capabilities to browse large amounts of data and drive insights ( depending upon the tool/platform )
    • Augmented Analytics to drive NLP insights
    • Enablement workshops to support the Line of Businesses and IT
  • Ongoing Support Framework

Perficient’s Data Solutions team can address all the above for your Organization in these times of Uncertainty and make sure Data and Insights are being delivered at pace in tune with the disruption and changing ground reality for your Enterprise. If you have implementations, analytics products supporting your Line of Businesses on the cloud or On Premise we can blend in with your strategic and tactical teams and augment every aspect of your analytics journey in these testing time and really drive value.We understand Data and Insights and how they impact the social outreach in these testing times. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy engage with your teams on the ground.

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