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Red Hat: Adopting Cloud-Native Development Processes

With the growing popularity of the cloud, enterprises are looking for ways to adopt cloud-native development into their existing processes. New applications can be built using cloud models and services, microservices, autonomous development teams, agile and continuous development, and containers. However, it is time-consuming, costly, and inefficient to create new applications instead of learning to […]

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Perficient Elevates Chef to Strategic Partner Status

Perficient is excited to announce that Chef is moving to a Strategic Partnership. They will join other distinguished partners on this list, including Google and AWS. These companies represent continually high levels of success and achievement at Perficient. Chef is a leader in secure, continuous automation open source and commercial software. Their elevation to Strategic […]

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IBM Fills Gaps with Red Hat, Also Creates Internal Competition

Since the news broke about the Red Hat acquisition by IBM, there has been no shortage of articles analyzing the move, predicting its outcomes, and delivering judgments on the deal. But what about the perspective of the software developer, architect, or IT leader who has to make decisions about which capabilities to leverage from these, now […]

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IBM Acquires Red Hat, Gains a Competitive Edge

On Sunday, IBM announced its acquisition of Red Hat. Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source cloud software. The $34 billion deal is one of the largest acquisitions in the history of the U.S. tech industry. With this price tag comes a clear indication of the importance cloud services play in digital […]

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BigDL – An Open Source Framework for Deep Learning

We have been familiar with machine learning for several years. It has been used in many aspects of business and life such as natural language recognition, fraud detection and autopiloting. While deep learning is a branch of machine learning, it is a big part of the machine learning family based on data representation other than […]

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3 Ways Open Source Innovates IT

A theme commonly supported and increasing in characteristic for many of our partners is that of open source. A movement started in the late 1990s, open source software originally began with the intent of software developers learning from each other and ultimately the release of the Netscape Browser (and eventually others including Mozilla Firefox). Today, […]

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Big Data-based Rules Authoring & Event Stream Processing

With traditional rules engines and event processing solutions, there is still a significant reliance on IT to implement changes, as the underlying rules engines are often static. Companies are now looking beyond legacy business rules management systems, to options that automatically detect and adjust to business events in data streams. The following include a few […]

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Perficient Announces New ECM Partnership with Alfresco

In May, Perficient formalized a partnership with Alfresco to expand our capabilities in the Enterprise Content Intelligence space. Alfresco provides modern enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) software that enables organizations to unlock the power of their business-critical content. Based in San Mateo, CA, Alfresco provides ECM and BPM solutions with controls […]

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New IBM platform gives businesses a better view of the cloud

Thanks to IBM’s creation of a code storehouse to encourage collaboration, Big Blue has provided a big boost to open-source development in the cloud. The company’s new DeveloperWorks Open platform opens a door to open-sourcers who have wanted better access to IBM’s expertise and techniques in cloud and mobile technologies. The platform launched with about […]

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Spark Gathers More Momentum

Yesterday, IBM threw its weight behind Spark. This announcement is significant because it is a leading indicator of a transition from IT-focused Big Data efforts to business-driven analytics and Big Data investments. If you are interested in learning more about this announcement and what it means in the bigger picture, I wrote a blog entry on our […]

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Liferay Announcements that give you a Mobile Jump Start

I am always intrigued by technology implementations that accelerate my ability to create robust solutions, especially when they are well architected, proven to scale, and economical.  There are a couple of recent announcements from Liferay that I feel fit this description and are worth looking into:  Liferay Screens 1.0 This exciting new offering further strengthens […]

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Financial Insights Into Costs For New Digital Applications

When I initially wrote my blog “Making Financial Sense of PaaS” it was to crowdsource my estimates comparing building and operating a new mobile application for a year using various platform architectures. The platform choices ranged from n-tier on-premise using licensed software to using a hosted PaaS. The blog resulted in some excellent conversation and […]

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How Microsoft is embracing open source

When I recently researched different caching options in Microsoft Azure, I ran across the following article on MSDN: Which Azure Cache offering is right for me? This article almost shocked me because it was unapologetically advising all new developments to use Redis cache over other Microsoft-developed Azure caching services. Just think about that for a moment: Microsoft […]

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Jaspersoft and MongoDB on Windows Azure

Jaspersoft is an open-source business intelligence suite built on Java. Jaspersoft put together a video of using MongoDb with it’s suite on Windows Azure. MongoDB is a NoSQL based system, which stores data like JSON.  I found an article about this on MS Open Tech’s site. I just wanted to share it here to let […]

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Is Windows Azure Open?

I cam across an article on InformationWeek “Microsoft Azure Grows More Open.” From what I know and the people I talk to, I truly believe Microsoft has been opening up over the last several years, especially for developers. The rate tools and frameworks are built and supported by Visual Studio is one key sign of […]

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Windows Azure now supports Juju for Ubuntu

Canonical working with Microsoft announced today (9/17/2013) the Juju fully supports deploying service on Ubuntu into Windows Azure. Juju provides an intuitive GUI for designing and deploying applications into Windows Azure. From today’s news release which can be read here Latest Ubuntu Certified images for all supported Ubuntu releases are currently available on Windows Azure, […]

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Considering Open Source Options for Your Portal Solution?

Potential WebSphere Portal customers often consider whether they should leverage an open source technology or purchase a leading horrizontal portal product such as WebSphere Portal.  The 2013 IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference had a session titled “Considering Open Source Options for Your Exceptional Web Experience Solution?: Explore TCO and How Free” delivered by Robert Lezon, […]

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IBM Support Open Stack

I’ve started to hear more and more about Open Stack.  It was originally developed by Rackspace and then pushed into a standard at  From CRN we see that IBM is launching into support for OpenStack IBM (NYSE:IBM) embraces OpenStack, the open-source standard used for building cloud-computing stacks, but believes a key piece of its […]

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10 Best Open Source Projects of 2011

CRN has a list of the ten best open source projects of 2011.  I thought you all would find it interesting.  You should hit the entire presentation for why they made the top 10. 10.  Fedora 16 9.    Ubuntu 11.4 8.    OpenStack (Cloud solution) 7.    Asterisk 10 (Open Source VOIP) 6.   MYSQL 5.6 5.   Android […]

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