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Adding Marketo Forms in AEM Pages

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Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo brings exciting opportunities to extend Adobe’s considerable marketing capabilities with a tightly integrated B2B and ABM solution. As a leading partner of both Adobe and Marketo, Perficient is leading the push to integrate these solutions.
One of the main integration points between AEM and Marketo is via Marketo’s JavaScript forms. We built a component to integrate Marketo JavaScript forms into AEM and contributed it into ACS AEM Commons so now you can add Marketo forms into AEM pages as simply as adding and editing any other component.

See How Easy it is to Embed a Marketo Form



Installing the Marketo Form Embed AEM Component

The Marketo Form Embed Component is implemented as a AEM WCM Core Components Embed Embeddable and therefore requires the following dependencies:

Once you have installed the dependencies, you can use the Marketo Form Embed on any page you have enabled the Marketo Cloud Configuration.

Using the Marketo Form Embed AEM Component

The Marketo Form Embed AEM Component allows you to search and select from the forms available in Marketo. But the Marketo Form Embed can do far more than just embedding a form, you can set the redirect URL, set variables and even add custom scripts.
Read more on using the Marketo Form Embed on the ACS AEM Commons website.

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Dan Klco, Adobe Digital Marketing Technical Director

Dan is a certified Adobe Digital Marketing Technologist, Architect, and Advisor, having led multiple successful digital marketing programs on the Adobe Experience Cloud. He's passionate about solving complex problems and building innovative digital marketing solutions. Dan is a PMC Member of the Apache Sling project, frequent Adobe Beta participant and committer to ACS AEM Commons, allowing a unique insight into the cutting edge of the Adobe Experience Cloud platform.

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