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Going live!

Upgrading Sitecore Platforms – Testing and Going Live

So, you find yourself in a need of a Sitecore upgrade and don’t know what to start with or how to approach it? This series of blog posts will cover the whole process from zero to hero, or in upgrade terms – from planning to going live. It comes in the form of a guide […]

Information, Monitoring & Automation – A System Admin’s Views

As a part of my role, I am responsible for maintaining uptime for giant e-commerce web applications and their infrastructures. Whenever any issue occurs on the live e-commerce web application, we need to collect infrastructure and application logs, which provide us with information about the issue. We then analyze the logs and perform the appropriate steps to […]

Monitoring Banner

Proactive Monitoring of AEM in Adobe Managed Services with Sling Health Checks

Implementing proactive monitoring of AEM web applications using Sling Health Checks and Nagios when hosting through Adobe Managed Services.

electric vehicles

6 Benefits Of Business Intelligence

Wealth management firms that have embraced a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) program can: mitigate operational and regulatory challenges across the firm; gain visibility into investment analytics, client relationship management, performance reporting, compliance, and contact management; and generate more comprehensive management and client reports. On the other hand, wealth management firms with a more limited set […]

Announcing Our Integration Matters Partnership

Perficient has added a new partner, Integration Matters, to complement and flesh out current integration offerings. How will this new partnership benefit our customers? Integration Matters focuses on providing organizations with “a clear-cut view of your entire value chain” through their nJAMS platform. nJAMS dives into business processes to provide owners insight into operations, promoting […]

RMM’ing Your EPM Systems

Do you like being awakened by a phone call from an unfriendly manager because a system you are responsible for has failed? Do you enjoy a good old-fashioned scolding by an executive because a financial system you support is running so slow that the user community has become unproductive? Do you have so much time […]

Monitoring in IIB

 What is Monitoring Monitoring is a feature in IIB, which enables the developer to configure the flow to emit events when something interesting happens. These events can either be stored in a DB or consumed by monitoring applications such as Websphere Business Monitor for auditing and replay of messages. Features IIB flows can be configured […]

Personal Health Data: Giving Patients and Doctors Something To Talk About

One of the most intriguing movements in the healthcare industry today is participatory medicine. Participatory medicine holds a lot of promise and seems to be gaining momentum among both patients and healthcare professionals. Nevertheless, participatory medicine is far from the standard of care, and one of the biggest barriers is actually getting patients interested in […]