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Announcing Our Integration Matters Partnership

Perficient has added a new partner, Integration Matters, to complement and flesh out current integration offerings. How will this new partnership benefit our customers?

Integration Matters focuses on providing organizations with “a clear-cut view of your entire value chain” through their nJAMS platform. nJAMS dives into business processes to provide owners insight into operations, promoting better decision making and the ability to innovate faster. nJAMS complements our existing industry-leading partnerships and solutions by offering a deep view into data and end-to-end processes across integration platforms like TIBCO and MuleSoft, enterprise applications, and cloud services.

Through the nJAMS monitoring platform, you can:

Discover Inefficiencies
nJAMS starts by tracking your data across system boundaries to discover how your business transactions are executed. And automatically determine correlations between processes. Then it visualizes the process flow in a drill-down process graph. This unique approach creates a complete and true end-to-end view of your business operations.

Measure What Matters
What is your corporate strategy? Which KPIs do you use to measure your progress and realize your aims? nJAMS helps you visualize your progress, process performance and KPIs on a user-friendly dashboard. Alerts allows you to take immediate action when required.

Get Better, Now
nJAMS provides a unique combination of process flow, process data and process performance KPIs. These operational insights are valuable on every business level. It lets you drive your corporate strategy forward through faster and better-informed decision making. At the same time you’ll continually improve your operational efficiency and business outcomes.

Integration Matters is added to Perficient’s rich integration portfolio, which has been recognized by industry analyst, Forrester. In 2016, Perficient was included as a leading vendor in integration strategy and delivery. According to Forrester:

Seeing integration as a path to rapid process improvement and response to market opportunity, Perficient brings together integration techniques including EAI, SOA, APIs, BPM, CEP, MDM, B2B, portals, and legacy modernization (it classifies ESBs as legacy). Its SOA governance framework provides a foundation for integration maturity, including organizational structures, reference architectures, API standards, policies, decision-making processes, and operational monitoring.

Integration, business processes, and monitoring are all key components of operational excellence, or what Forrester calls the other half of digital transformation. Forrester predicts that executives will increasingly focus on transforming internal technology, not just for efficiency, but also to impact and improve customer experience. Platforms like nJAMS are a key piece in uncovering how your processes and internal technology might be negatively impacting your end customers. Check out the webinar below for more on where core technology gaps impact digital transformation.

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Alexandra Haefele

Alexandra is a Marketing Manager for middleware and systems solutions at Perficient.

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