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Top Integration Blogs for 2017

The year is winding down and we want to look back at the year that was, from advancements in cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the increased awareness around artificial intelligence. The following are the top 10 blogs our writers penned in the past year. Check them out: #1 – API Gateway Pattern […]

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Master Workflows with Kaleo and Liferay

Workflows are an important part of every digital experience implementation. Whether complex or simple, both add value to the bottom line through increased user engagement and interaction. Liferay provides the Kaleo Workflow Engine for these very use cases through a portal interface, which involve a variety of users, groups, and roles. To get a workflow […]

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4 Tips for Taking Your Liferay Site Global

Business is global nowadays, requiring language compatibility, around-the-clock customer experience, and adherence to local market. With content being the key to success in any industry, organizations require the most dynamic platforms to succeed. Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) comes standard with a content management system (CMS) as a part of its core product, including social […]

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2017 Liferay Symposium: Liferay Product Road Map

Ed Chung, VP Product Management, presented the product road map at the 2017 Liferay Symposium. There are three pillars of the road map that Liferay considers in their approach: Unify customer experiences Transform business operations Evolve your digital strategy Unify Customer Experiences Key drivers to delivering the customer experiences are: Understand what customers are doing […]

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Liferay Symposium 2017 Keynote

Bryan Cheung, CEO of Liferay, kicked off the Liferay Symposium 2017 keynote in Austin, TX. At a high level, the messaging was that Liferay has been listening to customers and transforming with the industry to modernize their products and stay relevant as digital transformation continues across all customers. During the past five years, customers have […]

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How to Run Liferay in Docker

One of today’s trending technologies is Docker, useful and being widely applied in the continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and auto deployment practices. While commonly used in application development use cases, there are also successes in digital experience situations, as our Perficient China team has discovered. Their implementation makes our entire application/instance to be […]

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5 Sessions to Catch at Liferay Symposium 2017

Liferay North America Symposium is next month and we are excited to be exhibiting at booth #10. With Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) now on the market, there promises to be numerous attendees looking to augment their digital experience strategy for 2018, whether they are upgrading their investment or a new customer. The agenda for […]

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Download Our Liferay Platform White Paper

As we head into the late stages of 2017, the year has proven to us that digital transformation and experience strategies are top of mind more than ever for organizational executives. Whether it’s the challenge of overbooking airlines or retail’s continued transformation at the hands of eCommerce, change is on the way and it isn’t […]

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Join us at Liferay Symposium 2017

Digital experience solutions continue to evolve as IT and CMO departments merge in their efforts to create customer-obsessed experiences. With 2018 just around the corner, making sense of all the innovations will help your company get a head start over the competition. We’ll be at Liferay’s Annual North America Symposium this year, held in Austin, […]

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Liferay 6.2 End of Life – Upgrade Today!

Are your customer support platforms primed for customer experience demands in the coming years? If not, then consider Liferay, the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) trusted by brands including Volkswagen Group of America. As we’ve shared here before, Liferay is an open-source solution offering enterprises a variety of features at a fraction of the price on […]

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Liferay Honored in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant

What does your portal strategy look like as you wind down the year and head into 2017? With so many products on the market, it’s important that you make the right decision for not only today but for the future as well. Research firms assess the portals market as one with potential. Though market size dipped […]

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Volkswagen Group of America Receives Liferay Award for Perficient Work

Volkswagen Group of America (VGoA) was honored for its work with Perficient with the Pulse Award for Best Overall Digital Transformation on the Liferay platform. The award was handed out during Liferay’s annual Symposium, held this year from September 26-27 at the Marriot in Chicago. The award recognizes VGoA’s efforts to enhance overall customer experience […]

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Liferay Symposium 2016 – Building for the Cloud

Bratt Swaim, Technical Consulting Manager of Liferay, Inc., presented “Building for the Cloud – Architecting Liferay in IaaS/PaaS Environments.  The session provided the approach, techniques, considerations and best practices for deploying Liferay to Amazon Web Services (AWS.) The highlights follow. When does moving to the cloud make sense? The following are drivers that are scenarios […]

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2016 Liferay Symposium – Customer Loyalty is Dead

Henry Nakamura, Senior Customer Experience Manager of Liferay, presented Liferay’s perspective on customer experience at the 2016 Liferay Symposium in the session “Customer Loyalty is Dead.”  The session focused on stressing the importance of customer experience and how Liferay can help you. The amount of data available today drives impacts overall experience, not just price […]

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See Us at the Liferay NA Symposium

September is great for several reasons. For one, football is back and dominates the weekend and for another, the season of Fall arrives, bringing us all closer to Halloween, Christmas, and the prevalence of pumpkin spiced drinks and desserts. Open-source community developers also have the Liferay North America Symposium (LNAS) to look forward to and […]

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Liferay Introduces Improved Audience Targeting

Liferay recently released (Q2 2016) Audience Targeting 2.0 for Liferay DXP, improving the already powerful capabilities of segmenting your audience, targeting specific content to different user segments, and creating campaigns to target content to user segments. It also allows you to track user actions and generate reports that provide insight into the effectiveness of your […]

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Optimizing Retirement with Liferay Portal

Many look forward to the freedom of retirement, which includes activities like travel, bingo, and time spent with friends. Though there is far less to do, staying organized and up to date on retirement benefits is important. Such was the story of a leading state retirement system who looked to Perficient to unify their disparate […]

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Simplifying Payment Processes with Liferay Portal

Personal consumption and expenditures are the leading drivers of economic activity in the United States, accounting for nearly three-quarters of gross domestic product. Without a doubt, American spending habits require businesses to maintain technology assets like point-of-sale systems to keep up, while also requiring financial services firms to update their platforms with the latest features […]

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5 Reasons to Check out the Liferay Digital Experience Platform Today

Digital transformation now affects the entire enterprise, requiring interconnectivity between sales, marketing, support, and service teams to create optimized customer experiences. Business leaders are not only faced with the challenges of increasing revenue and building the best product but also communicating the right messages to the market. I returned a few weeks ago from the annual […]

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Liferay Digital Experience Platform: Transforming the Customer Journey

In November, Liferay announced version 7 of their open source platform, named by Gartner as one of the best portals on the market. At the time, Liferay was being billed as a digital business platform to meet customers where they are. Furthermore, Liferay also introduced support for microservices out of plugins and portlets, providing additional functionality. […]

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