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4 Tips for Taking Your Liferay Site Global

Business is global nowadays, requiring language compatibility, around-the-clock customer experience, and adherence to local market. With content being the key to success in any industry, organizations require the most dynamic platforms to succeed.
Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) comes standard with a content management system (CMS) as a part of its core product, including social collaboration and content sharing. In this blog, we explore several use cases for a global site.
Use Case #1: Localization
Liferay provides a “Liferay Community Edition IP Geocoder portlet on their marketplace that can display where the user is on the map by using Max Mind’s GeoIP City Database. This enables the administrator and end user to know the location. Furthermore, if we deploy Liferay on a cloud instance, we can use a router to direct the user to the correct site. Either way, Liferay developers can make a connector to determine the IP and then direct users to the site.
Use Case #2: Centralized Publishing
Centralized publishing based upon regions is a key component of a global organization. Liferay DXP has a local and remote stage feature that enables the deployment of one instance on the cloud for writing, and another once content passes the approval process.
Use Case #3: User Behavior
User visibility is a key piece to justifying a digital experience investment. For example, which product is the favorite and most browsed by users? Liferay DXP covers two types of analytics requirements: The basic level is to use Liferay EE “Liferay Audience Targeting” portlet. With it, the site owner can organize the user segmentation and display the special content for a user group. The advanced level is to use Google Analytics or Piwik to better track user behavior and report the statistics. Liferay DXP supports both analytics tools.
Use Case #4: Local Translation
Liferay DXP has an open and powerful translation process management and bundle feature. Originally Liferay had provided the out of box translation and allowed the content writer to add the translation in the page. To extend it, the administrator can collect the translated sentence from each translation team and put it into the site as a bundle resource file.
Our technical teams in China have been actively exploring Liferay’s localization features and have more use cases you can view here.
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With global business operations being more important than ever, your organization must be ready. Find out how we can help with Liferay by emailing us at Download our Liferay Guide below as well for additional guidance.

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