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Transform Your Business with a Digital Experience Platform

With the increased demand for personalized and connective experiences, it’s unsettling that so many businesses are still wasting resources trying to piece together systems that weren’t designed to work together. Not only are they unsuccessfully trying to blend these solutions, but many organizations are managing them with separate processes.
Executives increasingly recognize the importance of creating personalized and connective experiences for users. But how can they accomplish this without wasting the investments that have already been made? The answer lies in digital experience platforms.

Modern Digital Experience Platforms

The modern digital experience (DX) platform has evolved from simplistic platforms to complex systems, comprised of numerous digital strategies supporting different components across the organization. Individually, these components are not only extremely disjointed but are costly and time consuming to maintain.

Common Challenges

Businesses have been given enormous opportunities to create and deliver digital experiences. However, with these opportunities come the challenges associated with creating and managing countless touchpoints.  There are several common needs that organizations encounter throughout digital transformations including:

  • Mapping the customer experience
  • Transitioning from legacy systems
  • Integrating disjointed technologies
  • Creating a cohesive experience throughout the user lifecycle

So with channels multiplying exponentially and solutions that aren’t capable to keep up with the amount of data being captured, how do companies manage and preserve a singular brand image?

A Modern Solution

As we previously discussed, DX platforms are capable of pulling data from various channels to provide insights to help organizations make decisions to continually refine and improve the user experience. This solution allows companies to deliver users access to the information they want on whatever channel they want. Ultimately this will help organizations conquer the challenge of managing touchpoints and data, resulting in agile processes and future innovation and growth.

Choosing the Right Platform

Every company functions and communicates differently, so your platform should be built to meet those unique and individual needs. This begins with intentional design.
Liferay DXP provides out-of-the-box solutions that have been organically created to form a complete package that provides easier integration between various applications. Liferay’s innovative functionality has let to Gartner recognizing them as a Leader in the Magical Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms for nine consecutive years. 
Are you considering migrating to a DX platform? Comment and share your biggest challenges or concerns with us!

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