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Most people know how to sell to the customer – utilize marketing channels, social media, web ads, and more to bring your product to the consumer in an almost completely anonymous interaction. The same cannot be said for the B2B seller. Businesses want to know who they are working with and receive a personalized experience that can reduce the friction in their own business workflow. Creating a seamless, streamlined experience can be tricky, but it can be made easier by unifying your commerce on a single platform. Harnessing the features and functionality of Liferay DXP, Liferay Commerce consolidates your business on one platform with capabilities that can transform your digital practice.

Digital Transformation for B2B Commerce

Liferay’s mission with Liferay Commerce is to transform how you sell directly to another company through the digital transformation of the commerce experience.  With your company on the Liferay Commerce platform, customers can use a self-service portal to do all their purchases without even having to speak to a salesperson. Creating customized, easily accessible self-service portals provides companies with growth and increases customer satisfaction. However, if you only focus on building a typical self-service site, then yours will not stand out from your competitors. So, how do you distinguish your site and your brand? Liferay believes that the key is to take the idea of digital transformation and not just apply it to the selling process, but also to the selling strategy. 

Digitally Enabled Selling

Utilizing a digitally enabled selling strategy will transform how your sales representatives sell to businesses by providing a more personal relationship and full understanding of their buying tendencies. Liferay Commerce integrates all data, like purchase history, conversions, browsing history, and more, to one portal that acts as a hub so each sales representative can reach their full potential and cater their strategy with 5-star customer service. By bringing together all your data, your sales reps can provide personal consultant-level deep knowledge and contextualized insights.

Upgrading to Liferay Commerce 2.0

To take full advantage of Liferay Commerce, upgrade to 2.0 and enjoy new features that empower your sales team, and enable you to create higher value product offerings and improve data integration. See more:

  • Empower Your Sellers – Now available in Liferay Commerce 2.0 is loyalty score alerts. With these alerts, your sales rep can predict the client’s buying habits up to four months in advance and follow-up if their order doesn’t align with the prediction. Even more, 2.0 delivers account dashboards that your reps can easily switch between to understand the client’s needs immediately while on a call.
  • Create Higher Value Product Offerings– This new feature provides dynamic personalization that allows you to set up a site that provides machine learning-driven product recommendations that match the way your customer is making a decision at three levels: related products, also bought, and what other customers like them also bought. Upgrading to 2.0 isn’t just beneficial to sales reps, but also to store administrators. With the update, store admins can receive suggestions for grouped products that can help them uncover opportunities to cross-sell products.
  • Improved Data Integration– As with new, improved Liferay DXP platforms, Commerce 2.0 offers headless APIs so your front-end developers can use any language they want to integrate into the solution. These interfaces provide you the flexibility to integrate Liferay into whatever your existing development stack is.

At the end of the day, Liferay Commerce creates an environment that is fully integrated and flexible for your sales team and provides a B2B experience that is personalized on a previously unattainable scale. Take your business to the next level by utilizing technology that works for you and brings together all areas of your business into one platform.
For more helpful information about the role of commerce in B2B, check out this guide on 4 Steps to Digital Transformation in B2B Commerce and this one on how to Make Meaningful Connections in Commerce: Four Trends for 2019. Our blog is also a good resource for additional information about Liferay and the roles within the B2B buying journey.

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