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2017 Liferay Symposium: Liferay Product Road Map

Ed Chung, VP Product Management, presented the product road map at the 2017 Liferay Symposium. There are three pillars of the road map that Liferay considers in their approach:

  • Unify customer experiences
  • Transform business operations
  • Evolve your digital strategy

Unify Customer Experiences

Liferay Product Roadmap

Liferay Product Roadmap

Key drivers to delivering the customer experiences are:

  • Understand what customers are doing on multi-channel activity
  • Understand profile data
  • Understand behavioral data
  • Understand the customer journey

Currently Liferay wants to continue focusing on the customer through the following capabilities and products

  • Modern sites – Deliver customer experience with modern tools, techniques and architectures
  • Liferay Commerce – Upcoming full commerce including services like product catalog, shopping cart, checkout, fulfillment etc.
  • Liferay screens – quickly create native mobile applications for iOs and Android devices
  • Single Customer View – Future product that will integrate customer data from multiple sources in a single data view
  • Journey manager – Orchestrate the right content to the right audience through the best channels

Transform Business Operations

  • Digital transformation reality statistics
    • 47% of companies have not started digital transformation
    • 33% are developing plans
    • 85% of all companies realize digital transformation must be addressed
  • Liferay’s approach is connecting digital operations to the customer journey

Digital workplace today for employees

  • Challenges for the digital workplace worker
    • Average worker is interrupted 87 times per day
    • Can take 23 minutes to get back on task
    • 65 interruptions are caused by self
  • Want to focus on delivering productivity tools which will include
    • Central location for content
    • Effective communications, digests/filters, notification, curated content
    • Better productivity tools

Evolve Your Digital Strategy

Three key solutions will allow customers to evolve the digital strategy.  These include:

  • Testing and optimization
    • AB Testing will be coming to select different page elements and provided tracking and reporting
    • Long term goal is to be able to test everything, e.g. publication schedules, forms, workflows, etc not just visual assets
  • Daisy Chain Analytics – link analytics from one touchpoint to the next and see the overall goal completion
  • Headless platform – Services and content are provided to clients from APIs.  It abstracts content from the delivery form

Like any product road map presentation, these are subject to change; however, Liferay painted a solid and clear picture on how they are evolving and innovating to help enterprises digitally transform.

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