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Master Workflows with Kaleo and Liferay

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Workflows are an important part of every digital experience implementation. Whether complex or simple, both add value to the bottom line through increased user engagement and interaction.
Liferay provides the Kaleo Workflow Engine for these very use cases through a portal interface, which involve a variety of users, groups, and roles. To get a workflow going, you don’t have to write a single line of code. All that is necessary is create a single XML document. As our China development team discovered, simple workflows can be maintained by using the default configuration and GUI tools, while complex workflows can be created to meet the workflow management requirement in each kind of portal.
Defining a Kaleo Workflow
Before defining the workflow, we need to know some important components in the definition phase. There are seven types of nodes that can be added to a definition and a simple definition is made up of State, Transition, and Task. State, Transition, and Task are key parts to designing the workflow XML. Defined, these are:

  • State represents a workflow state, such as created, rejected or approved.
  • Transition takes place between states, describing the next state.
  • Task represents a task that can be assigned, and we can configure Action, Notification and Assignments into Task.

Liferay provides a Kaleo Designer along with the enterprise edition. For the community edition, there is a graphical user interface tool available to create the workflow by visiting You can try to create a simple workflow that is comprised of 2 states and 1 task by dragging a node into a label and adding an action or notification. You can also configure assignments that you want to assign.
There are additional steps around implementing Kaleo. Click here to read systematic instructions from our technical delivery team in China.
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