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People-Based Marketing: The New Gold-Standard

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertisements vying for their attention. But when was the last time a billboard or online form really caught your attention? You probably can’t remember. Marketing is a constantly evolving industry, and while consumer-driven content isn’t a new idea, people-based marketing is the new gold-standard. What is People-Based Marketing? Danielle […]

Make Data Your Brand’s Biggest Asset

We’ve all heard the saying “More is always better”. But when it comes to data, having more isn’t enough. Most brands are able to acquire plenty of data but are often left frustrated and unsure about how to use it. Having actionable information is the key to turning data into a brand’s most valuable asset. […]

Changes in Search Engine Results Will Force You to Adapt

When a question pops into our minds, we don’t hesitate to pull out our phone and find the answer. Long gone are the days when a heavy dictionary was required to look up the definition of a word. Now you don’t even need to type it out… you can simply ask Siri or Alexa, and […]

Unify Content and Commerce to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Twenty years ago, who would have imagined that you could get a quote from a bank or health insurance provider through an app on your phone? Or use a voice-based assistant like Amazon Alexa to order a few household items? The continuous evolution of technology has unified content and commerce, and it goes beyond simply […]

Make Data Your Brand’s Biggest Asset

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve in all aspects of our life, fine-tuning as we go. For businesses, this continuous improvement is critical to long-term success. And to make smart decisions, companies must make data the foundation for all digital efforts. In order to survive in today’s fast-paced market, we’ve got to be […]

Upcoming #AdobeChat: Digital Marketing in Healthcare

As we head into 2018, many of us are trying to align our marketing goals with our organization’s strategic plan and subsequent needs. And while the majority of companies in just about every industry have delved into the realm of digital, many are looking to take that investment a bit further in 2018. Optimizing digital […]

What Is an Experience Business?

We talk a lot about experiences. User experiences, digital experiences, customer experiences – and now, becoming an “experience business.” Adobe first introduced the term “experience business” at Adobe Summit 2016, and illustrated the concept in a comical video this past March. Simply put, an experience business provides a top-notch experience to customers throughout the entire customer journey. […]

2017 Digital Marketing Trends & Priorities [Survey Results]

For eight years running, Adobe has surveyed industry leaders around the world to understand the latest trends and priorities in digital marketing. This year, Adobe surveyed 1,165 digital marketers in enterprise companies in the US, Canada, UK, France, and Germany. You can see these insights come to life in a beautifully creative HTML experience, and/or download a […]

Financial Services Trends of 2017: Customer Experience

Companies of all shapes and sizes (and industries) strive to provide a better, more consistent, customer experience. Generally speaking, some industries are ahead of others. While there are certainly outliers, many financial services companies said they’ve yet to reach “maturity” in their approach to customer experience. Couple this with the fact that, according to Edelman’s […]

Built to Run in 2017: How We’re Delivering on Our Credo

One month into 2017, and the Adobe Practice at Perficient Digital is off and running. And speaking of running, we’re excited to announce our campaign for 2017: Built to Run. The spirit of this campaign is focused on Digital Marketing, and its purpose is to promote the Adobe Solutions and Services we offer. More specifically, how we […]

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017: Real-Time Personalization

Personalization continues to be a hot topic because it’s essential for companies that want to win and retain customers in the “era of customer experience.” Related trends covered in previous posts, leveraging data to improve the customer journey and the maturity of the IoT, go hand-in-hand with real-time personalization. While this trend is not mainstream yet, the […]

The Ultimate Retail Experience: Fluid Experiences in AEM

Imagine if retailers want to create tailored content — with images, summaries, descriptions, sizes, pricing, and technical specifications. Creating such content takes time, and further breaking it into segments for any device may require more manual processes for each channel. With fluid experiences, it will be much easier to create this kind of customized content […]

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