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Built to Run in 2017: How We’re Delivering on Our Credo

One month into 2017, and the Adobe Practice at Perficient Digital is off and running. And speaking of running, we’re excited to announce our campaign for 2017: Built to Run.
The spirit of this campaign is focused on Digital Marketing, and its purpose is to promote the Adobe Solutions and Services we offer. More specifically, how we help our customers build beautiful and help them run their marketing efforts more effectively and efficiently…it’s “Built to Run” all the way around.
It also supports the broader “end-to-end is just the beginning” campaign launched by our agency last year, which helps companies DREAM BIG, BUILD BEAUTIFUL, MEASURE CONFIDENTLY, OPTIMIZE OBSESSIVELY. We’re seeing tremendous success by establishing strong build frameworks for our customers that ultimately lead to a better “run” marketing operation with increasing returns on the overall investment with Adobe Technologies.
Throughout the coming year, our thought leaders from across Perficient Digital will share their perspectives, insights, and stories around the theme of Built to Run. Here is just a sampling of recent articles:

We invite you to keep coming back for more as we forge ahead in 2017! And to make your life easier, subscribe below to the Adobe Weekly Digest to get a weeks’ worth of articles delivered to your inbox.

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Robert Sumner

Robert Sumner is a tenured Adobe Digital Marketing and Experience Maker with over 20 years' experience helping Fortune 500 companies improve customer satisfaction, drive organizational efficiencies, and increase revenue using proven digital marketing/ecommerce strategies. Robert specializes in the manufacturing and automotive industries.

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