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People-Based Marketing: The New Gold-Standard

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Consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertisements vying for their attention. But when was the last time a billboard or online form really caught your attention? You probably can’t remember.
Marketing is a constantly evolving industry, and while consumer-driven content isn’t a new idea, people-based marketing is the new gold-standard.

What is People-Based Marketing?

Danielle Lee, Global VP, Partner Solutions at Spotify, recently discussed the concept of people-based marketing with Forbes. According to Lee, “People-based marketing represents an industry shift from targeting devices to connecting with the right people at the right time, with the right message. Rather than targeting ads to devices based on cookies, which is fraught with inadequacies, marketers can now reach people across the many devices they use, thanks to persistent identity.”
Just ten years ago, the average consumer had one internet-connected device, but that number is rapidly increasing. This creates a problem that forward-thinking brands must address in order to deliver a cohesive, personalized experience to consumers.

Persistent ID

A persistent ID is gathered from users’ log-in information across all devices and allows marketers to target consumers using multiple browsing platforms. “Instead of relying on flawed technologies like third-party cookies, the brand can collect information about a user based on a persistent customer ID. Further, that user is likely to appreciate customized marketing from brands that they patronize” according to James Nichols, founder of Apsalar, a leading mobile measurement and audiences company.

It’s a Win-Win

As marketers are able to reach their customers with a meaningful message and measure the ROI, both the brand and consumer benefit. Since each interaction is built on prior interactions, consumers are able to get information or complete transactions quickly and easily. Brands are able to focus their resources to drive the most significant results. In the end, both parties are saving time and benefiting from these increasingly seamless interactions.

How to Get There

People-based marketing has already become the new standard and is a simple enough concept to understand. But actually making it a reality requires an organizational transformation. While technology plays a key role in this transition, a change management initiative is also vital. By applying a people-based marketing approach and optimizing resources based on what drives the best profit per customer instead of channel, brands can ultimately win long term.
Want to know more about this new gold-standard in marketing and how to get there? Download our guide Nine Trends Shaping Digital Marketing in 2019.

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