Upcoming #AdobeChat: Digital Marketing in Healthcare

As we head into 2018, many of us are trying to align our marketing goals with our organization’s strategic plan and subsequent needs. And while the majority of companies in just about every industry have delved into the realm of digital, many are looking to take that investment a bit further in 2018.
Optimizing digital engagement is especially important for industries like healthcare because acquiring a new consumer is more than a one-click transaction.
Of course, being a highly regulated industry, this shift to digital comes with unique challenges posed by PII requirements and HIPAA compliance. But these challenges can’t be roadblocks longterm – organizations can (and should) push forward in improving the patient and member experience.
We have to keep in mind that members and patients are consumers in other industries. And they’ve come to expect similar, relevant, high-touch experiences.
The future of healthcare is changing, no doubt. As Sue Hunter mentioned recently in a blog post, in the coming years, more healthcare will be delivered outside of physician offices than within them. Digital is and will continue to be game-changing.
We are especially passionate about the topic because we’ve seen firsthand how healthcare providers and payers can transform digitally. And we are excited about the upcoming #AdobeChat on ‘Digital Marketing in Healthcare,’ this Wednesday, November 29th at 4 pm ET.

We’re looking forward to lots of active discussion around the topic and related questions, including ‘How has digital transformed the healthcare landscape?’ and ‘What are the biggest challenges healthcare organizations face today around digital marketing?’ If you want more information, feel free to leave a comment below. See you on Twitter!

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