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What Is an Experience Business?

We talk a lot about experiences. User experiences, digital experiences, customer experiences – and now, becoming an “experience business.” Adobe first introduced the term “experience business” at Adobe Summit 2016, and illustrated the concept in a comical video this past March.

Simply put, an experience business provides a top-notch experience to customers throughout the entire customer journey. This means going beyond the prospect journey that the majority of companies tend to focus on.
Today’s consumers have choices galore. We use devices that verbally communicate with us and platforms that understand us. We expect frictionless experiences across a multitude of touchpoints and channels. Companies have to keep up with these expectations by providing an experience that’s continuous, consistent and also compelling.
Runners, take note. This isn’t a 5k on flat roads… it’s not even a 10-miler on hilly terrain. Think of it as a marathon and commit to going the distance. It’ll be hard, there’s no doubt. But similar to a runner’s high, in time, the efforts get easier and more rewarding. And this effort goes well beyond your marketing organization. The 2017 Digital Marketing Study, Running on Experience, explains:
An experience business puts its customers first and foremost and interacts with them in meaningful ways across all channels. Companies that successfully transform into an experience business will grow and thrive. Those that don’t will struggle to catch up. But the effort goes far beyond how you do your digital marketing. It needs to be a business priority with a commitment across your entire organization—from your CEO on down. It requires a big-picture, strategic approach to increasing your digital maturity and rethinking most, if not all, of your internal processes.
You can download the full report below to learn the strategies of experience leaders – companies that are successfully transforming through the prioritization of customer experience and connected data.

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