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7 Ways to Maximize ROI on your Digital Experience Investment

At IBM Amplify 2017, I gave a presentation on 7 ways to maximize ROI on your digital experience investment.  The presentation was geared mostly towards IBM Digital Experience / WebSphere Portal but the concepts apply to virtually any digital experience platform and are aligned with Perficient’s take on Digital Transformation. The presentation is shared below […]

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Why Social Needs to be Part of Your Portal

IBM’s 2014 Digital Experience Conference started Wednesday off with a great session by Mac Guidera, Social Workforce Strategist from IBM, titled “Why Social Needs to be Part of Your Portal.”  The session was very insightful blending a mix of statistics, trends, best practices and insightful thoughts. Social Business Patterns Patterns represent modernized processes with dynamic, […]

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IBM Digital Experience Conf: Developing Portlets Using JQuery

jQuery is one of the most pervasive scripting libraries in use today. The session “Developing Portlets Using Javascript and JQuery for Engaging Digital Experiences” by Stephan Hesmer, Web 2.0 Architect, IBM and  Jaspreet Singh, Rational Tools Architect, IBM provided good insight as to how to leverage jQuery in IBM WebSphere Portal. First, a couple of […]

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IBM XDX – What’s New in WebSphere Portal and IBM WCM 8.5

Rob Will, chief architect for WebSphere Portal, once again gave a great presentation at IBM’s Digital Experience Conference 2014.  The focus was on the new capabilities delivered in the last year. The focus of the digital experience suite has been to provide a framework with tools and services to be able to deliver a great […]

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Advanced Performance Tuning for WebSphere Portal

Every customer I’ve worked with expects portal to perform well as it should.  This inevitably requires tuning throughout every aspect of the solution deployed.  There are a lot of knobs to turn, levers to pull and buttons to push during the tuning phase ranging from caching to pooling to JVM settings and much more.  The […]

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Considering Open Source Options for Your Portal Solution?

Potential WebSphere Portal customers often consider whether they should leverage an open source technology or purchase a leading horrizontal portal product such as WebSphere Portal.  The 2013 IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference had a session titled “Considering Open Source Options for Your Exceptional Web Experience Solution?: Explore TCO and How Free” delivered by Robert Lezon, […]

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2013 IBM Exceptional Web Experience Opening General Session

The 2013 IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference takes place from 5/20 to 5/23 and was kicked off by a Larry Bowden, Vice President, Portals and Digital Experience Software,  with a overview of the progression of portals from 2001 to 2013.  The session focused on IBM’s digital experience direction and how various technologies and concepts are […]

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Social Web Experiences at the Web Experience Conference

The IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference session “Social Web Experiences leveraging the Power of IBM Connections and WebSphere Portal” was delivered by Mac Guidera, Social Business Evangelist, IBM and  Jon Brunn, IBM Connection Architect, IBM.  The session focused on bringing WebSphere Portal and Connections together in a single cohesive solution leveraging the capabilities of both […]

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The Mobile Workspace – Connect, Share, Collaborate and Collide

The Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit 2013 provided an intriguing panel discussion called  “The Mobile Workspace – Connect, Share, Collaborate and Collide.”  The attendees included  Ken Parmelee – mobile and wireless, Karen Hobert – security and risk strategy consultant, Mike Gotta – social software analyst  and Daryl Plummer of Gartner.  The discussion was lively […]

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IBM Connections Metrics

Miguel Estrada and Nan Shi presented the session Getting the Most Value Out of Metrics in IBM Connections 4 at IBM Connect 2013.  Metrics and analytics are critical to understanding your customer, employee and partner behavior and interactions.  Some of the key points in the session include: Metrics Overview Connections provides quantitative and qualitative metrics […]

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