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5 More Reasons You Should Use Watson Content Hub

Watson Content Hub

IBM Watson Content Hub (WCH) is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) which allows you to manage and publish full website experiences or deliver headless content to your web and mobile experiences. In November, I published 5 reasons you should use Watson Content Hub.  As promised, here are 5 more reasons you should use Watson Content Hub.

  1. WCH integrates with IBM Watson Campaign Automation.  This provides plugins directly into Watson Campaign Automation to insert digital assets directly from WCH which allows easy integration of digital assets across multiple customer touch-points.  A short video demonstration is available here.
  2. Continuous feature delivery.  Since WCH is a cloud based solution and IBM is heavily investing in it, new features are delivered frequently so you receive all the benefits of this innovation without having to execute long and complex software upgrades as you would with an on premise CMS.  New features are published on the blog here.
  3. Workflow is now available.  Review and approval features are now available which lets authors and approvers review and share the review process with their collaborative teams.  This allows for comments and the ability to monitor the review process.
  4. Many samples and developer tools are available.  IBM publishes many samples and tools which can help jumpstart your website.  This includes components such as the Oslo starter site, command line tools, video how-to tutorials, samples and more.
  5. Multi-lingual tagging support. WCH automatically tags images uploaded but now multi-lingual tagging is supported.

Want to learn more?  Contact Perficient and we can tell you more as well as provide information about our quick-start offering that can get you up and running with a usable site in production in a couple of weeks.

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