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3 Ways Adobe Commerce Enhances Patient-Provider Relationships

Adobe Commerce To Enhance Patient-Provider Relationships

I don’t think you’ll ever meet anyone who says they like to go to the hospital or to their doctor. Sure, it’s a necessary part of life and staying healthy. But sometimes unfortunate circumstances arise when we need urgent medical attention. As consumers, we’re inclined to minimize return visits to the doctor’s office whenever possible. Whether it’s managing bills through online portals or investing in medical products to ensure safety at home for us and our loved ones, a proactive approach is chosen to prevent setbacks. The goal is to navigate healthcare with foresight, utilizing technology and health products to safeguard well-being and reduce the need for frequent medical visits.

So, it’s critically important that healthcare providers offer more protected, trustworthy portals to support this journey. That’s where Adobe Commerce and its newly built HIPAA and PHI-ready solution come into play.

This past year, Perficient’s Commerce and Healthcare teams collaborated with Adobe’s Commerce and Healthcare teams to build this new solution specifically for use cases like this. Now more than ever, consumers are concerned and worried about their personal health information. A solution that can provide baseline HIPAA and PHI-ready features is essential in delivering this promise to patients and their loved ones.

Adobe Commerce: Leading the Way in Proactive Healthcare Experiences

How to Enhance Patient-Provider Relationships With Adobe Commerce

Here are three ways providers and health systems can leverage Adobe Commerce to extend and enhance their relationship with patients, and ultimately improve their health and wellness.

Digitally Enabled Bill Pay

Paying your medical bill post-visit can be a hassle. Who wants to call in to provide credit card information over the phone? Not me. Most providers and health systems have online portals that are available for bill pay. Adobe Commerce and its Healthcare Add-on come into play to help protect these portals. Especially when it involves the access of condition-specific information by the patient or commerce interactions such as credit card transactions. The platform helps safeguard sensitive data and maintain the integrity of the portal.

Post-Discharge Wellness

Imagine you recently went to your doctor because you were feeling a little stressed related to life and work. In doing so, your doctor recommends some supplements for you to try before prescribing medication. What if your provider/doctor had a digitally enabled commerce instance where they could add supplements to a cart for you, and you could purchase them after you leave the appointment. Sounds great, right? Absolutely. What’s even better, is as your condition progresses your doctor can collaborate with you through this portal on other health and wellness products.

Proactive Education & Training

Finally, there’s no better way to stay healthy than to educate yourself about your or your loved one’s condition. Being able to log in to a portal that presents condition-specific information, books, and other items for purchase is a fantastic way for providers and health systems to continue building relationships with patients and their families and become trusted advisors.

Did you know that the Global Healthcare Ecommerce Market is projected to reach a value of $994.2 Billion by 20301?

Give Your Patients What They Want: Proactive Healthcare

No matter the use case, providers and health systems need to embrace the world of digitally enabled commerce. Consumers want to be proactive with their health and wellness. Why not give them what they want and build a portal that enables them to pay bills, buy health products, and consume content and education that will help them live the life they desire.

Learn More About HIPAA-Ready Adobe Commerce

Stay tuned! This blog is part of a four-part series discussing commerce, protected healthcare experiences, and Adobe’s HIPPA-ready commerce platform.

You can read the next installment here: How Adobe Commerce Can Impact Payor Strategies


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Thoughts on “3 Ways Adobe Commerce Enhances Patient-Provider Relationships”

  1. Fantastic insights! Adobe Commerce seems to be revolutionizing the healthcare industry by fostering stronger patient-provider relationships.

    The emphasis on personalization, streamlined communication, and seamless experiences truly aligns with the evolving needs of healthcare consumers. I can imagine how these features will lead to a more patient-centric approach.

    Kudos to Adobe for driving innovation in this space!

  2. Your words evoke an expanse of emotions. Your unique insights add color to the discussion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and contributing to this vibrant exchange.

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