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3 Ways Adobe Commerce Elevates Pharmacy Services

3 Ways Adobe Commerce Elevates Pharmacy Services

Is there anything worse than going to a pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions? Okay, I’m sure there are a few things but it’s still inconvenient, right?

Thankfully, many pharmacies have adopted home delivery services. Patients can request delivery of their medication come right to their doorstep. However, this presents some challenges. What if a patient wants to re-order medication online vs. other channels? How do they know their information is protected?

Well, that’s a great question. And now there’s an answer.

Adobe Commerce Protection & Cross-Sell Opportunities

Adobe offers a PHI and HIPAA-ready solution with its latest release of Healthcare Add-on for Adobe Commerce.

This past year, Perficient’s commerce and healthcare teams collaborated with Adobe to build this new solution specifically for use cases like this. Now more than ever, consumers are concerned about safeguarding their personal health information. A solution that can provide baseline HIPAA and PHI-ready features is essential in delivering this promise to patients and their loved ones, specifically when it comes to ordering and reordering medication.

Here are three ways pharmacies can adopt this Adobe Commerce solution to extend and secure trust with their patients.

Home Delivery Patient Ordering

This is probably the most obvious use case. It’s the ability for patients to order their medication from the comfort of their home, have it delivered to their door, and not have to worry about who is accessing their personal information. Adobe Commerce provides baseline HIPAA and PHI-ready features that can extend to help protect a patient’s personal information for any order placed. This also presents an opportunity for the next use case below.

Health and Wellness Products Cross-Sell

While pharmacies have patients in a shopping cart, why not suggest and recommend other products that are specific to their condition? We all have been in pharmacies and know they stock various health and wellness products that most of us purchase anyway. If medication is going to be delivered to the home, pharmacies should leverage dynamic cross-sell, condition-specific opportunities to recommend other items that may help manage their condition.

Dynamic Health Integrations

Finally, there could be an interesting integration between health providers and pharmacies. I spoke about this in another article, but providers being able to link and connect directly to pharmacies isn’t new. When you visit a doctor and need medication, the doctor will write a script and send it to a local pharmacy to be filled. But what if that doctor was also integrated to recommend other products and items that will help that patient manage their condition? This could be done through Adobe Commerce and could provide a new, intuitive way for consumers to access vital health and wellness products.

A Commerce Solution for Pharmacies

The three use cases outlined in this blog are just the tip of the iceberg on where and how Adobe Commerce can integrate into pharmacies. As you plan for the future, it’s important to look at a solution that will allow your pharmacy to do what it does best: service the health and wellness of your patients. HIPPA and PHI-ready Adobe Commerce solution does just that and is worth considering.

Adobe Commerce: Leading the Way in Proactive Healthcare Experiences

Learn More About HIPAA-Ready Adobe Commerce

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