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Justin Racine

Justin Racine is a Director and Lead Strategist with Perficient, and he works with clients to build and achieve their business goals through commerce-enabled technologies. Justin has over 12 years of experience within the ecommerce space, working with companies such as Cardinal Health, Johnson & Johnson, and Olam International, and has spoken at over 20 global conferences on ecommerce and branding strategy. Additionally, Justin has been published twice for his thought leadership on branding and marketing in the Henry Stewart Journal of Brand Strategy, is a contributing writer for, and a frequent contributor for many leading industry publications.

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Bikers Ride

Why Anthropomorphism Could Unlock Digital Commerce Gold for Your Brand in 2024

Over the last year or so, I’ve explored this idea of anthropomorphism in branding on a few different occasions via some article in CMSWire (Apple Vision Pro and The Adobe Summit Recap). If you’re not familiar with this idea, let me break it down for you. Anthropomorphism is the idea of assigning human-like characteristics to […]

The future of commerce is leaning toward a composable approach, but there are pros and cons to it, monolith, and headless commerce.

Composable vs. Headless – The Ultimate Commerce Battle Royale?

The Celtics vs. The Lakers, Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees, Frazier vs. Ali. I think all of us have our favorite epic rivalries that stick with us. But what makes rivalries so engaging? Some say it’s the bragging rights, some say it’s the passion, and others say it’s because rivalries tend to bring […]

3 Ways Adobe Commerce Elevates Pharmacy Services

3 Ways Adobe Commerce Elevates Pharmacy Services

Is there anything worse than going to a pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions? Okay, I’m sure there are a few things but it’s still inconvenient, right? Thankfully, many pharmacies have adopted home delivery services. Patients can request delivery of their medication come right to their doorstep. However, this presents some challenges. What if a […]

Adobe Commerce Med Device Life Sciences And Golf

Adobe Commerce, Medical Device & Life Sciences, and … Golf?

My journey from golf course employee to building HIPAA-ready commerce solutions.   I’ve spent essentially my entire career in the medical device and life science space, and it didn’t start the way you would think. In college, I worked at a golf course as the guy who drove that funny tin can of a golf […]

Adobe Commerce To Improve Payor Strategies

How Adobe Commerce Can Impact Payor Strategies

Health insurance is just one of those things we simply can’t live without. It’s a security blanket we all want to snuggle up to, but nobody likes to use it. Because if you’re using it, it likely means you’re sick or need care. Can you guess who else doesn’t like it when you use your […]

Man sits in car and receives keys to the car after a sale.

The Future of the Automotive Shopping Landscape Powered by Unified, Immersive, Frictionless Buying

One of my favorite memories as a kid was going to the car dealership with my dad and watching him beat up (figuratively, of course) the sales associate who was trying to sell him a new truck. The sales associate wanted one price; my father wanted a very different price. Round and round they went, […]

Adobe Commerce To Enhance Patient-Provider Relationships

3 Ways Adobe Commerce Enhances Patient-Provider Relationships

I don’t think you’ll ever meet anyone who says they like to go to the hospital or to their doctor. Sure, it’s a necessary part of life and staying healthy. But sometimes unfortunate circumstances arise when we need urgent medical attention. As consumers, we’re inclined to minimize return visits to the doctor’s office whenever possible. […]

Adobe Commerce Hipaa Compliant Healthcare Experiences

Adobe Commerce: Leading the Way in Proactive Healthcare Experiences

There’s been a massive change of tone in the healthcare space over the last few years. What is it you might ask? Well, simple. Proactive healthcare choice. Let me explain. Traditionally, healthcare was reactive – when something went wrong, we would go to the doctor or seek medical treatment. Today, however, the tables have turned […]

there are a few technologies you need to have in place to start your unified commerce journey.

4 Foundational Technology Needs to Actualize Unified Commerce

I haven’t been able to sleep well as of late. Why? Because of the excitement around all the possibilities Unified Commerce offers brands, but more so the opportunity it provides you, me, and the consumers that experience what brands have to offer daily. For context, Unified Commerce is the strategy, implementation, and actions that allow […]

Crowds Of People

Knowing and Growing Your Customer Base: Strategies for Manufacturers Going Direct to Consumer

As a manufacturer, you likely already understand the importance of customer relationships and building loyalty. As the business landscape shifts, and customers are looking for direct conversations with brands – it’s becoming increasingly necessary to expand your relationships and take your products directly to consumers. In doing so, you’ll be able to grow your customer […]

Justin And Eve B2b Online

My Insights into B2B Online: What I’m Looking Forward To

B2B Online is right around the corner, and I’m excited to get there and see everyone back in person. It holds a bit of nostalgia for me and has a special place in my heart as it was one of the first conferences that I ever spoke at in the B2B space. This event spurred […]

Female Consultant Offering Wheelchair To Mature Customer

How to Drive Sales by Embracing the Entire Channel in Your Medical Device Distribution Model

One key area that’s often overlooked with any branded manufacturer is the ability to service all personas and journeys within channels. Manufacturers have the unique job of needing to be just as close to their customers as they are to their distribution and retail partners. After all, they’re making the products that we as consumers […]

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