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Salesforce Lightning Migration Framework & Assessment


It’s clear to see Salesforce’s product roadmap hinges on Lightning. The challenge question for users is how and when is the right time to migrate over to Lightning?

All Successful Salesforce Projects Begin With These Steps

  • Determine first where you are – an honest assessment. Start with internal audits and assessments to help determine the highest priority issues and needs.
  • Define what objectives you must achieve to address the priorities
  • Determine who is accountable – time, human capital, budget, action plans
  • Make sure the objectives for each project are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based

Our Envision Framework for Lightning Migrations

Based on our Enable Methodology™, our Envision Framework helps you develop a clear Lightning migration path that accelerates time-to-value, unlocks new levels of business performance, and helps you turn Salesforce functionality into a competitive advantage.


Get your organization up to speed on Lightning by educating key stakeholders and end-users on the new UI/UX in order to determine the appropriate time to make the move.


Review your findings from Salesforce’s Lightning Readiness Check, in addition to our own detailed, personalized assessment that examines out-of-the-box functionality to formulate a strategic roadmap with functional and technical recommendations tailored to your business.


Develop and execute on your Lightning rollout strategy with the proper strategic guidance along the way from a trusted Salesforce consulting and implementation partner to address unique business, technical, and change management requirements.


Measure results against key success metrics and make changes to further optimize the user experience, and maximize the value of current and future Lightning features for your business.

Lightning Readiness Assessment: Is Your Org Ready?

Many people turn to us for insight on Lightning Migrations. Like anything successful, it begins with a plan. We have helped hundreds of customers unlock new business value from their Salesforce investments with the help of a strategic roadmap.

Engaging Perficient for Lightning Readiness Assessment offers a detailed technical assessment of your current Salesforce instance, a complete report of findings, technical recommendations, and project schedule for a straightforward migration path from Classic to Lightning. Set up a meeting today.

Thoughts on “Salesforce Lightning Migration Framework & Assessment”

  1. Hey Marisa! Thanks for sharing this information. Your detailed explanation of each each point is such a blessing. In fact, earlier I had my doubts on why should one migrate to lightning but after reading this article my doubts are definitely cleared! Great Work!

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