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Perspectives on IBM Technologies, Trends and Topics

How to Improve Employee Advocacy with the Cloud

The emergence of social media has enabled organizations to increase their visibility on the market. Dubbed “employee advocacy”, organizations can enjoy the benefit of having their own workers share the company message, drive revenue, and push awareness around initiatives and products. There are numerous positives to employee advocacy too, with a study by LinkedIn and […]

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What Does the End of Support for Maximo Mean to You?

Thankfully, it’s the End of Support for Maximo 7.5 – not all versions! Hopefully this isn’t a surprise to anyone and you received the corrected letter from IBM on April 17, 2017. The software withdrawal and support discontinuance includes other products besides Maximo; so you might want to verify other applications aren’t affected. The withdrawal […]

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IBM MQ and IIB HA Architectures using AWS

Target audience: Mid to Highly skilled Linux, MQ/IIB and AWS admins. IBM MQ and IIB have 2 distinct HA Architectures. MQ and IIB can be configured to have an Active Standby(2 live server) or an Active Passive(1 live server) HA configuration. Both MQ/IIB HA designs are publish documents. This article focuses on using just the […]

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How to Do DevOps in Older Organizations

When it comes to DevOps, industry publications tend to associate the innovation philosophy with fresh and agile startups. After all, small teams mean faster delivery schedules, recovery from error, and overall innovation. However, just because large organizations may thought to be slow, higher performing ones still have the possibility of scaling and innovating without an […]

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An IBM WebSphere Application Server Architecture Using AWS

Target audience: Mid to Highly skilled Linux, WAS and AWS admins. WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and WAS based Products have built-in capacity to be highly available(HA) and auto scale. This article gives one of many potential WAS Architecture designs that utilize AWS components. The picture below depicts a WAS Cell with an HA WAS deployment […]

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Introducing IBM Connections 6.0

The way you reach out to your consumers has changed considerably over the past few years to include online channels like social media, email lists, and customer portals. How you have told your brand story over these channels is indicative of your brand’s success as well. According to Gallup, two out of every three purchasing […]

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An Easy Way to Write HL7(TDS) Messages in XML Format in IIB

The Perficient project lead handling an Enterprise Integration project at one of the largest healthcare providers in the country called me one afternoon and asked me to find a quick solution to write HL7 messages in XML format as some vendors that were being integrated needed the messages in XML. I knew that the solution […]

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A Full-Stack API Architecture for a Microservice Evolution

In this blog I’ve taking some liberty to extend the general definition of full stack, in order to describe a system architecture that lends itself well to full stack development. With the emergence of micoservices as an alternative to monolithic applications and service-oriented architectures; there is need to elaborate in more depth on an architectural […]

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Stretch Innovation with Cloud DevOps Insights

Having the appropriate data is a key need for every development cycle. Developers and leaders want to know that they are creating something innovative while avoiding any barriers such as compatibility issues. As DevOps increasingly encourages an accelerated development period, the ability to have as few errors as possible is helpful. Unfortunately, data analytics are […]

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3 reasons to go to Maximo World 2017

It’s back… Y’all remember many years ago when we used to meet at the Dolphin & Swan @ Disney World in Orlando, FL? Hopefully it will be just as exciting (if not more) than it used to be. Come visit with “old” friends and make some new ones while we learn and share knowledge with […]

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