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Three Reasons to Work on Cloud Platform Services at Perficient

Perficient is a global consulting company that provides consulting services for digital transformation. Within the cloud computing space, our core competencies are in strategic planning, workload modernization and migration, pipeline automation, and big data. What Does the Cloud Team at Perficient Do? “Our team helps clients leverage cloud technologies from strategic planning through implementation for […]

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Microservices Using Java, Docker & Cloud Containers

This post describes some of the common considerations for developing microservices in Java and deploying the microservice on cloud containers offered by Google cloud (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM cloud. 1.    Microservices Considerations a.     Organizational Considerations Organizations need to consider cultural changes that needed to support Micro-services ownership i.e. principle of product and […]

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Design and Build Your Own Restful API with Swagger

Though APIs have been used for decades, they are turning into the Micro level to fit more frequent changes and decoupling requirements. In recent years, one thing that we have been seeing is a transition from monolithic applications to microservice‑oriented architecture. Out of several API designing and building tools, we would talk about one of […]

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Java SE 9 Discovery

Eventually the Java Standard Edition 9 was released along with J2EE 8 after a long wait. This news is not overwhelming in the media report like other exciting technologies of artificial intelligence, cloud etc. However, per the recent programming language ranking report, Java is still one of the most popular languages. In, for both […]

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How to Query Hive Data in HDP via Java Code

What is Hive? You may have heard about Data Warehousing products such as Oracle, Teradata Netezza which have been used in different industries for decades. Recently, Hive emerged as a new generation of the open-source data warehouse product which features clustered nodes in the big data domain. It facilitates reading, writing, and managing super large […]

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Missed Oracle OpenWorld? Great Content Now On-Demand

Oracle shared an incredible amount of rich content during the show, but don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it, you can view all the OpenWorld keynotes on-demand. There were more than 1800 sessions available to attend and although not every session was recorded, there are some great general sessions worth checking out featuring […]

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IBM API Connect: A complete API lifecycle offering

IBM recently announced a completely new, re-designed and a unique offering known as API Connect, which integrates IBM API Management and IBM Strong Loop into a single package with built-in gateway, allows you to create, secure, run and manage APIs and Microservices. This offering will certainly help organizations to understand the complete API life cycle in detail and design the […]

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Introduction to jQuery Ajax

Concept This blog is intended for novice to understand jQuery Ajax functionality and its integration with servlet by creating a simple project.  What is JQuery Ajax? Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) enables exchanging data between client and server and updating parts of web page without reloading the entire page. jQuery provides easy to use […]

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Top 10 Announcements from Build 2015 Keynote on Day 1

The 2015 BUILD Conference kicked off today, and today’s keynote was packed full of TONS of announcements and new information. Some of these things are going to be released sometime this year, but some of it has also been released to be available today! Even though you can watch the Build 2015 Day 1 Keynote […]

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Oracle Critical Patch Update Released | 169 fixes

Oracle recently released it’s January 2015 Critical Patch Update that includes 169 new security fixes across the following product groups: Oracle Database Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle Fusion Applications Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle Applications – E-Business Suite Oracle Applications – Oracle Supply Chain, PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards Product Suite, Siebel and iLearning Oracle Communications Industry Suite Oracle Retail […]

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Increasing Efficiency With Java Executors And Thread Pools

If you’re a Java developer, you probably know that you can create a thread by implementing the Runnable interface or by extending the Thread class. You can then execute multiple threads in parallel to achieve concurrency. Still with me? It gets a bit more challenging when you need to spawn long-running tasks in parallel and […]

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What Skills Should Developers Invest In?

Technical professionals are constantly refining their development skills to for both their own personal and professional advancement, and also to produce the best possible product for the end user. But how does a developer decide where to invest time and money in developing their skills? David Tucker, VP of Technology at Universal Mind, recently compiled a list of the 10 areas he feels […]

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Using Selenium with Java and TestNG (3)

EventFiringWebDriver & Listener In this blog, I‘ll introduce how we use EventFiringWebDriver and listener to create an auto-logging system for the test framework.   Why use EventFiringWebDriver and the event listener? If we use it, we can easily know what a web driver instance will do with a small listener, and what operation  it does […]

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A little stuffed animal called Hadoop

Doug Cutting – Hadoop creator – is reported to have explained how the name for his Big Data technology came about: “The name my kid gave a stuffed yellow elephant. Short, relatively easy to spell and pronounce, meaningless, and not used elsewhere: those are my naming criteria.” The term, of course, evolved over time and […]

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Keeping up with the Fixes

A huge number of my projects are platform upgrades, and every time I ask my customers why they haven’t applied a single published fix for any of the products involved since the system was built (sometimes upwards of 7 years ago). They usually reply with a variation on the old trope, “If it ain’t broke, […]

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Approaches to automate and abstract JAXB from Portal Layer

This blog is to provide an insight on development of Portal applications by achieving high cohesion between the portal and the service layer by secluding and automating the JAXB framework. We know that portal applications are composed of bundles of portlets and hence the compositions and the complexities of each portlet are of utmost importance. […]

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Windows Azure: What is Platform as a Service?

What is Platform as a Service (PaaS)?  How does it differ from Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)? Let’s start with IaaS.  When “The Cloud” first became popular IaaS was the target.  The point of IaaS is to migrate a company data center into Windows Azure.  This involves converting whatever physical servers you have to Hyper-V […]

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Windows Azure now has Java and Oracle pre-configured VMs

A little over a month ago I had a post about Windows Azure supporting Java and Oracle. I had mentioned that pre-configured options should become available. That day is now upon us. There is several pre-configured options for Java, Oracle Database, and Oracle WebLogic Server. Not just on Windows operating systems either, there is a […]

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Databases & hardware: Hot topics at OpenWorld – #OOW13

60,000 people will convene to watch 3,600 partners and customers speak in sessions at Oracle OpenWorld this week. Oracle’s rockstar, chief executive Larry Ellison, kicked off Oracle OpenWorld on Sunday evening, highlighting a shift to “in-memory technology to speed up by as much as 100 times the databases that are the foundation of the company’s business.” Ellison presented: […]

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