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Innovative Technology for an Advanced Security Ecosystem: Challenges and Solutions

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At the center of digital transformation, we face the exciting challenge of creating an ecosystem driven by high-performance, interconnected microservices developed in diverse languages such as Java, C#, JavaScript, and Python. At Perficient we extract the best of each language to shape an agile and efficient ecosystem. 

Capturing data in real time: IoT and Priority Security   

This dynamic environment is powered by microservices that capture data by integrating with devices through IoT (Internet of Things). The essence of our mission lies in building innovative products aimed to identify external threats, prioritizing the safety of vehicles, passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. Our cutting-edge tools, such as cameras and sensors, offer real-time tracking, supported by AI (artificial intelligence) image recognition.  

Hexagonal Architecture and DevSecOps: Fundamentals of our operation  

The state-of-the-art of our ecosystem is defined by a hexagonal architecture, domain-driven design, and event-driven architecture. This approach ensures that software is built with a ubiquitous language, simplifying functions so any team member can understand them. This results in scalable and flexible software, able to adapt to changing demands and decoupled to offer flexibility in services as the challenge arises. 

The scalability of our system extends to the cloud, working with providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure in their commercial and government versions. This facilitates integration with various cloud services, from file storage to serverless services, databases and more, ensuring efficient and effective operation. 

Adopting the DevSecOps culture, we have implemented continuous integration and deployment practices, infrastructure as code and test automation. This combination of practices allows us to consistently add value with a predictable cadence, leading the delivery of advanced technological solutions. 

One of the critical areas of our work focuses on court cases, where we manage the capture, management, and disposition of evidence. This security challenge has led us to comply with rigorous standards such as SOC2, CJIS (criminal justice information) and OWASP-TOP10. 

In the vehicular domain, our systems, connected to the Azure cloud via IoT, search for incident-related license plates in real time. This capability allows immediate action to be taken, contributing to overall safety on the roads.  

Real-time visualization: Complete experience  

Real-time visualization via WebSockets offers a complete experience, displaying travel, vehicle information and all telemetry data. In the case of school buses, this technology ensures children’s safety by stopping and extending the “STOP” paddle, with IoT-connected cameras applying artificial intelligence to detect violations.  

In short, our safety ecosystem represents the convergence of innovation and advanced technology. At Perficient, we move forward into the future with the conviction that technology can transform security and efficiency in our daily lives. We build not just a technology ecosystem, but a safer, more secure and connected future for all. 

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Andres Calle Vallejo

Andres Calle is a Senior Backend Developer at Perficient based in Medellin, Colombia. He is also one of the Talent Development leaders for the Java hub. Andres is passionate about sharing knowledge, constantly learning new things, and wants to spread the Perficient culture through technical knowledge.

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