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Perficient’s Own Journey to Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud

[Webinar] Perficient’s Own Journey to Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud

Learn how Perficient’s Oracle ERP and HCM practice is transforming our own back office from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud. Perficient’s Vice President of People, Andrea Lampert, Chief Financial Officer, Paul Martin, Vice President and Controller, Susan Adomite, and our Oracle ERP Directors, Matt Makowsky (Finance) and Holly Higgins-Smith (HCM) discuss how we’re modernizing […]

All Equipped For A Productive Workday

Reader’s Choice: Top 5 Oracle Blog Posts in 2021

The Oracle team didn’t slow down in 2021. Our subject matter experts worked diligently to publish educational, engaging blog content throughout the year that collectively brought in over 27,000 page views. Below are the business unit’s top five blog posts of 2021. What is ADFdi and How do I Easily Download It? Financial Reporting in […]

ERP Migrations: An Opportunity for Corporate Treasury

Kyriba Webinar Q&A: ERP Migrations: An Opportunity for Corporate Treasury

Shelley Ives, a Senior Solutions Architect at Perficient, and Kirsten Lemke, a Payments Specialist at Kyriba, spoke about why it’s important to consider the corporate treasury when migrating to a cloud ERP during the ERP Migrations: An Opportunity for Corporate Treasury webinar. Below are some of the key questions they answered during the Q&A portion […]

Treasury functions should be considered in ERP requirements 

[Webinar Recording] ERP Migrations: An Opportunity for Corporate Treasury

On July 13th, Shelley Ives, solutions architect, Perificient and Kirsten Lemke, payment and connectivity services, Kyriba, presented ERP Migrations: An Opportunity for Corporate Treasury. This webinar explores the areas of impact, the complexities of bank connectivity, and the advantages of implementing a payment hub with fraud-prevention features. Click to explore the full webinar and discover: What […]

[Webinar] ERP Migrations: An Opportunity for Corporate Treasury 

As organizations increasingly migrate toward cloud ERPs, Treasury has an opportunity to impact and optimize the ERP project.  In this session, Shelley Ives, Senior Solutions Architect at Perficient and Kirsten Lemke, Payments Specialist at Kyriba, the global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions, explore the areas of impact, the complexities of bank connectivity, as […]

Are You Keeping Up With Oracle Cloud ERP?

Having worked with numerous clients both during and after their move to Oracle Cloud ERP, we get a good sampling of the sentiment of companies using it.  Most are very positive. They like the new user interface. There is additional functionality to take advantage of, and they no longer have to worry about keeping the […]

Focus And Dedication Got Her Far

ERP Essentials – Business Process Design, Optimization, Reporting Requirements

ERP Essentials – Business Process Design, Optimization, Reporting Requirements Know Your Audience If you think about the make up of your company, in terms of personnel and the roles they play, no matter what level someone sits at, CEO, Line Manager, down to Assembler, you can describe that person as a creator of data or […]

60 thoughts on Oracle Cloud Supplier and Customer Data Conversion

Oracle Cloud ERP Financials – TCA – Suppliers and Customers – Data conversion Your company is thinking about moving onto the Oracle Cloud ERP system.  You’ve been tagged as one of the resources to lead or assist with data conversions. Very important and difficult data conversion is Suppliers and Customers.  There are often tens of […]

Seo In Healthcare

Data Conversion Do’s and Don’ts – Oracle ERP Cloud

Hi Everyone!  If you have stumbled across this blog, I’m sure it’s because you searched “Data Conversion”. Like most, you have a boss to whom you answer, and your boss wants answers. So having done this now for 20 years and working in the Cloud for the last four, I’m in a pretty good position […]

Ecommerce is Dead, Long Live Digital Commerce

In the past, ecommerce was believed to be the simple act of building a commerce website for your business and seeing how your customers used it. However, many B2B sites weren’t performing well or able to adapt to this approach because they lacked the specific resources and knowledge needed to be successful and even felt […]

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Creating a Seamless B2B Commerce Experience With CPQ, CRM, & ERP

In our recent blog, Strengthen Your B2B Commerce Experience with CPQ & PIM, we learned how integrating a product information management (PIM) system with a configure price quote (CPQ) system can build efficiency and accuracy throughout the B2B buying process. Next, we’ll explore the benefits and delineation of responsibility between a customer relationship management (CRM) […]

Is It Time to Consider Oracle Lift-and-Shift?

Are you one of those Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customers who are not quite ready to go to Oracle ERP Cloud, but your servers are long since out of warranty? Have you lost the desire or expertise to continue buying and maintaining your own hardware, but you don’t want to give up control or take […]

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