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Defer offscreen images in Sitecore

When chasing down performance problems on a website, you’ll often times hit an error around deferring offscreen images.  This warning occurs when you have imagery “below the fold” (e.g., the area you must scroll to see) loading on your webpages. This problem is especially rampant in CMS systems where you’re never quite sure what the […]

Oracle BI Data Sync: How to Add a New Fact

Following my previous blog post on how to add a new Dimension to a Data Sync task, this post looks at how to add a Fact and perform a lookup on dimensions while loading the target fact table in a data warehouse using Data Sync. To refer to the blog post on adding a Dimension […]

UX Testing: Employees or No Employees?

Recruiting real end users can be costly and time consuming for usability testing. For anyone but a user experience (UX) purist, the temptation to use employees for usability testing can be quite a temptation. Employees are accessible and already paid for, so why not use them? After all, they are users outside of work. So, […]

SEO Theory vs. Reality: Examining Popular SEO Axioms

Search engine optimization (SEO) started as a discipline of testing and iteration. Most of what was learned came from continuous cycles of trial and error. As the industry grew and matured, the recommendations and advice shared on message boards, forums and later blogs and conferences, congealed with public statements from Google and Bing’s webmaster ambassadors to […]

Reusable Components for a CMS, Using the Revealing Module Pattern

Before we get started, I recommend reading about the revealing module pattern and closure, if you’re not already familiar with them. When you are building components for use in a CMS, it’s important to understand that you have less control over the use of these components than you may initially think. Programming these blocks in such […]

Using BEM-Style CSS Syntax in SCSS

Modular component styles are becoming significantly important in modern UI trends. Handling scalability while decreasing naming convention differences is a necessary step towards code cohesion. Disclaimer: I use a slightly modified flavor of BEM syntax, feel free to use traditional BEM, or some other flavor of your own. When developing UI components, specifically for use […]

Best Practices in Reality for Extracting ERP Cloud Data from OTBI

Now that we have three different approaches to extract Oracle ERP Cloud data from OTBI, there comes the question – what’s the best practice, or which one should you recommend? Before answering the question, let’s take a look at the feature list of each approach so we can understand what they are best at. Feature List […]

Adobe Summit: Jumping from Operational Analyst to Data Leader

While Adobe Summit has a wide range of focuses, data seems to be a pretty big emphasis, especially with the the data co-0p and key predictive capabilities.  Hence another analytics session.  This particular one focused on best practices and getting past the basics. He started out with a couple polls, most of the attendees basically […]

Top 5 Digital Transformation Best Practices: 4. Organize

Don’t forget the other parts of this series: Gain Insight Vision and Goals Culture In some ways, this topic is related to culture and highlights that so much of digital transformation does not deal directly with technology.  Our reality is that a change means dealing with people.  People organize in a variety of ways.  Those […]

To Merge or Not to Merge Salesforce Orgs?

When a merger, acquisition, consolidation or spin-off takes place, there are often separate #Salesforce Orgs (instances) that reside in different areas of a company. When there are separate CRM systems, it is impossible to roll up performance results to one management dashboard, so analytics will not be powerful/reflective of total business results. Also, you may […]

Importance of Wireframes – A Program Manager’s Perspective

by Dan Kaho Whether transitioning a site from one platform to another or starting a new project on a new platform, one commonly overlooked project phase is the creation of wireframes.  For pre-existing sites (ie – sites that are already live), wireframes are not usually a part of the project plan.  In this scenario, wireframes […]

IBM Connect: Becoming a Social Business Success Story

Chris Crummey (@ccrummey) is probably the most adept presenter on the whole experience in using the IBM tools. He gets what makes people successful and incorporates that into how he works.  So it’s a good session. Here’s what makes you successful:   Types of people: My social strategy is to have a blog (feature)  You […]

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