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The Referral Phenomenon- How to Leverage your Network in 2024

From a talent acquisition perspective, the influx of referrals we have received in the last 6 months has been staggering- which has led to us dubbing it as the referral phenomenon. This has prompted us to share more! Irina Wenderoth and Katie Burwell have collaborated to share their experiences and how you can leverage your […]


fEASTback Model: Optimizing Feedback with a Behavioral Perspective

Providing feedback is essential for driving innovation, improving technical and behavioral skills, and strengthening team dynamics. The EAST methodology (Easy, Attractive, Social, Timely) offers a powerful framework for delivering feedback in a way that is more easily received and applied, which can help promote an environment of continuous growth. By applying these principles, individuals can […]

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Perficient LDC Colleagues “Take Over” St. Joseph’s Diner

Take Over Begins On April 7th, the Perficient LDC Colleagues embarked on a heartfelt mission at St. Joseph’s Diner in Lafayette, Louisiana. With six eager hearts, we took over the kitchen at 613 W. Simcoe St., ready to serve those in need. St. Joseph’s Diner, a beacon of hope in the community, opens its doors […]