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Perficient Recognized in Forrester’s Automation Fabric Services Landscape, Q1 2024 Report

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In an era where automation plays a pivotal role in reshaping businesses, selecting the right partner for automation fabric services is critical. Forrester’s report, The Automation Fabric Services Landscape, Q1 2024, offers insights into the evolving landscape and recognizes notable providers in the industry. Perficient is listed among these notable providers as a large automation fabric consultancy, with an industry focus in financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing/production of consumer products, and a geographic focus in North America.


Understanding Automation Fabric Services

Forrester defines automation fabric services as: “Strategy consulting, advisory, insights, and implementation services to help develop automation fabrics and support autonomous workflows within an enterprise.” These services enable organizations to reimagine business processes, integrate complex automation capabilities at scale, and facilitate workforce, skills, and culture transformations.

Automation fabric services encompass a wide range of activities aimed at leveraging technology to optimize business operations. This includes identifying areas for automation, designing and implementing automation solutions, and continuously refining processes to maximize efficiency and productivity. By partnering with experienced automation fabric service providers, organizations can unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation while navigating the complexities of digital transformation.



Our Key Takeaways from Perficient’s Inclusion in the Report

We believe Perficient is recognized for our expertise in developing automation fabric solutions and supporting autonomous workflows within enterprises. Beyond the business scenarios identified in the report, Perficient is shown for selecting the following extended business scenarios as some of the top reasons clients work with us out of the listed extended business scenarios in the report:

  • Operations transformation
  • Interaction intelligence
  • Robotics and physical automation

We believe Perficient’s inclusion in the report signifies our position as a leader in the industry, offering comprehensive automation solutions tailored to specific business needs.

By leveraging Perficient’s extensive experience and domain knowledge, businesses can reimagine their operational processes for seamless autonomy, integrate complex automation capabilities at scale, and drive workforce, skills, and culture transformations. We believe Perficient’s recognition in Forrester’s report reaffirms our commitment to delivering value-driven automation solutions and supporting clients on their digital transformation journey.

Learn more about Perficient’s automation solutions.


Next Steps

Forrester’s Automation Fabric Services Landscape, Q1 2024 report provides valuable insights into the automation landscape and the role of service providers in driving digital transformation. We believe Perficient’s inclusion in the report underscores our position as a key player in the industry, offering expertise in developing automation fabrics and supporting autonomous workflows.

For organizations embarking on their automation journey, let us know and find out how we can help you!

You can read the entire Automatic Fabric Services Landscape Q1 2024 report via the Forrester website where it’s available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase.

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