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Leslie Richard

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Oracle Cloud R11 – Fact 11 – Expenses Infotiles

In Oracle R11, there is a redesigned Expenses work area with five infotiles: Expense Items, Expense Reports, Approvals, Cash Advances, and Trips.  As it is in most of the other Financial areas, each infotile has a drill-down detailed view for the user. The Expense Items infotile shows all expense items that are not included in […]

Oracle Cloud R11-Project Performance Data: No update? No problem!

Ever run into a problem when working with Oracle Cloud’s R11 Project Financial Management software when you go to run the “Edit Project Performance Data” process and nothing happens, nothing gets updated?  Well, there may be an easy and simple fix to that. There are certain steps to make sure you’ve completed to make this […]

R11 Fact 10 – Subledger Accounting

Turning subledger transactions into subledger journal entries is easy in the Subledger Accounting section of Oracle Cloud R11.  Users can generate accounting for legal and corporate reporting, and reconcile accounting using predefined functionalities. Users can define custom formulas and use subledger accounting rule definitions from the Manage Formulas Payables page found under Setup and Maintenance. […]

R11 Fact #9: Receivables – Accounts Receivable

A second part of the Receivables work area deals with Accounts Receivable.  Users can easily take action on pending items or drill down to more details activities by quickly glancing at one or more of the four infotiles available: Receipt Batches, Lockbox Exceptions, Unapplied Receipts and Unapplied Credits. The first infotile allows users to see […]

Fact #8: Receivables – Billing

The Receivables work area provides three infotiles for Billing, Accounts Receivable and Revenue.  Included in these is a number of services for customer billing and payment activities, revenue recognition and adjustments, AR balances and reconciliation to the general ledger.  Real-time transactions and customer account information are available in the Billing and Accounts Receivable infotiles.  Like […]

R11 – Fact #6 Payables – Payments

From the Home Page, the user can access the Payables landing page and work areas to perform tasks and monitor activities.  As seen in an earlier blog, there are three work areas under Payables.  They are Payables Dashboard, Invoices and Payments.  Today’s blog will show you aspects about the Payments work area. The user can […]

R11 Fact #6: Fixed Assets

When working with Fixed Assets, the user will experience a more simplified application, compared to Release 10, which had separate work areas.  From the Fixed Assets home screen, the user has the option of choosing either Assets or Asset Inquiry.  When choosing the Asset Inquiry Infolet, the user can quickly and easily search for an […]

R11 Fact #5 – Payables…Payables Dashboard

There are three work areas found in the Payables Infolet: Payables Dashboard, Invoices and Payments.  Earlier, I discussed the Invoices work area.  Today, let’s review the Payables Dashboard.  This Dashboard is separated into four sections: Invoices Requiring Attention, Payment Process Requests, Stop Payment Requests and Supplier Sites on Payment Hold.  The Invoices Requiring Attention work […]

R11 Fact #4: Payables…Invoices Work Area

From the Home Page, the user can access the Payables landing page and work areas to perform tasks and monitor activities.  As you can see, there are three work areas under Payables: Invoices, Payables Dashboard and Payments.  Today’s blog will be about the Invoices work area. The Invoices work area allows the user to manage […]

Fact #3 – R11 General Ledger: Great For A Laptop Or Mobile Device

I know I’ve already highlighted the new Infolets found in Oracle R11 in the past two blogs, but I’m going to do it again.  I have to because they are the reason the General Ledger section of Release 11 rocks. Through the new pagination feature found on the Home Screen, R11 allows users to see […]

R11 Fact #2 – Fixed Assets More User-Friendly Than Ever Before

Working with Fixed Assets may be challenging for some, but with Oracle’s R11, the process is more user-friendly than ever.  As explained in Week One, R11 now offers Infotiles and Infolets to help make the user’s experience more efficient. Your Asset Management area is now streamlined with a new user interface.  Unlike R10, which was […]

11 Facts about R11

Some say change is hard.  I say it depends on where you were and where you’re going.  Take Oracle’s new R11, for example.  Where we are coming from is R10, which had some great attributes.  You might even say that R10 was comfortable and easy to maneuver for clients.  But R11 will be even better.  […]