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R11 Fact #6: Fixed Assets

When working with Fixed Assets, the user will experience a more simplified application, compared to Release 10, which had separate work areas.  From the Fixed Assets home screen, the user has the option of choosing either Assets or Asset Inquiry.  When choosing the Asset Inquiry Infolet, the user can quickly and easily search for an asset, as well as review transactions, recent additions and recent retirements.

FA work area

Under the Assets Infolet, Oracle has redefined the user interface in Release 11, providing five new Infotiles, directly linking the user to Asset Additions, Adjustments, Transfers, Retirements and Depreciation.  Similar to the other applications, there is a Panel Drawer located on the upper right section of the Fixed Assets home page, so the user can easily and quickly access the search function and look for available tasks to perform.

Assets Infotiles

In the Additions Infotile, there are three areas for review: Incomplete, Exceptions and Ready to Post.  By clicking on the hyperlink to any of these three options, the user can view a list of the assets and their respective descriptions, invoice numbers, costs, in service dates, categories and PO numbers.  The assets found in the Additions Infotile can be found in other Oracle Cloud applications, such as Projects or Payables, as well.  The user can drill down to that asset’s details automatically by clicking on that asset.  Once the user has clicked on that asset’s hyperlink, adjustments in errors or warnings can be made to that asset.

Additions Infotile

In both the Adjustments and Transfers Infotiles, all incomplete mass transfers and mass adjustments imported through the File Based Data Import (FBDI) spreadsheets are available for users.  Cost adjustments, reclassifications and impairments are included in the Adjustments Infotile.  In the Transfers Infotile, users have the option to transfer assets to different locations, depreciation expense accounts or employees.  These adjustments and transfers can be made either online or in a spreadsheet.

Adjustments InfotileTransfers Infotile

Pending retirement transactions are found in the Retirements Infotile.  Just as in the Additions Infotile, the Retirements Infotile has three areas of review: Incomplete, Exceptions and Ready to Post.  Once posted, all retirement transactions will be completed.

Retirements Infotile

The Depreciation Infotile is a new area.  Periodic depreciation is calculated and posted here.

Depreciation Infotile

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