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R11 Fact #2 – Fixed Assets More User-Friendly Than Ever Before

Working with Fixed Assets may be challenging for some, but with Oracle’s R11, the process is more user-friendly than ever.  As explained in Week One, R11 now offers Infotiles and Infolets to help make the user’s experience more efficient.

Fixed Assets Infotiles

Your Asset Management area is now streamlined with a new user interface.  Unlike R10, which was quite cumbersome with separate areas for what you were working on, the new R11 Assets page allows you to see exactly what you need at-a-glance using Infotiles: from transfers, additions, depreciations, retirements and adjustments.  As discussed earlier, these Infotiles are a new addition to R11, and allow you to drill down to more details for further analysis and quick actions.  Also, adding assets has never been simpler with commonly used fields having been added to the Add Assets page.

When transferring, adjusting or retiring assets, you can perform these tasks by using spreadsheets, via the panel drawer on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Fixed Assets Tasks 2

By using the Asset Inquiry page, you can you can easily and quickly see various key features of your asset such as descriptive, financial and transaction details, source lines, assignments, cost history and depreciation.  To manage your physical inventory quickly, just use one of the pre-delivered spreadsheets offered with R11.

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