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R11 – Fact #6 Payables – Payments

From the Home Page, the user can access the Payables landing page and work areas to perform tasks and monitor activities.  As seen in an earlier blog, there are three work areas under Payables.  They are Payables Dashboard, Invoices and Payments.  Today’s blog will show you aspects about the Payments work area.


The user can retrieve tasks associated with the Payments section by clicking on the Tasks Pane found in the Panel Drawer to the right of the page.  Here, the user can access a number of tasks having to do with not only payments, but accounting and payables periods, such as Create a Payment, Manage Payments, Create Accounting, Create Adjustment Journals and Manage Accounting Periods.

Payments tasks

The Payments work area looks similar to the Payables Dashboard area.  The Overview is separated into five sections: Payments Process Requests, payment Files Requiring Attention, Stop Payment Requests, Supplier Sites on Payment Hold and Schedule Requests.  When a user has a scheduled request to run, it is nice not having to go to a separate Monitor Processes page to check on that request.  The user can just look at the bottom of the Payments section and check on Payment requests until they are completed.

Payments overview

The first section in the Overview page is the Payment Process Requests area.  Here, the user can access requests that require attention, are recently completed and/or have been recently terminated.

Payment Process

In the Stop Payment Requests area, users are able to cancel payment requests and void payments.

Payment Stop


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