R11 Fact #4: Payables…Invoices Work Area

From the Home Page, the user can access the Payables landing page and work areas to perform tasks and monitor activities.  As you can see, there are three work areas under Payables: Invoices, Payables Dashboard and Payments.  Today’s blog will be about the Invoices work area.

Payables landing page

The Invoices work area allows the user to manage and process their invoices easily by utilizing one of the several infotiles available: Scanned Invoices, Recent Invoices, Invoices on Hold, Invoices Pending Approval, Prepayments and Payments.  As always, the users may look at information provided in these infotiles in greater detail quickly and easily.  Based on job roles, each user may have different infotiles available.  For example, an AP Manager may have access to the Approvals infotile, while the AP Specialist may not.

Invoices infotiles

What’s different in R11 with the Scanned Invoices infotile? The user only sees the invoices that are incomplete and requiring action, unlike earlier releases where the scanned and validated invoices still appeared.

What’s available to the user?  Users can sort columns, delete one (or multiple, all at once) incomplete scanned invoices and drill down to the Edit Invoice page by using the invoice number.

Scanned Infotile

The Recent Invoices infotile is used to effectively manage invoices from 7 days ago or as recent as the past 24 hours.  Users can easily see how many invoices have been completed or remain incomplete.  The users can also validate and post to ledger any of those incomplete invoices.

As you can see, the Recent infotile has a color-coded chart, which shows the status of Incomplete Invoices (not validated or needs revalidation) and Completed Invoices (validated or canceled).  Users can hover over the chart to see the category and count in each area.  New invoices can be created directly from this infotile, and users can also delete or cancel multiple invoices at the same time to save time.

Recent Infotile

In the Holds infotile, invoices are grouped into the following categories: Validation, Purchasing and Other.  Users can quickly identify the number of invoices in each category by using this infotile.  To release an invoice hold, all the user needs to do is select the invoice row and click the release button.  It’s that easy.  Users can also release several holds together by selecting multiple invoices.

Holds Infotile

Users can review invoices pending approval with the Approval infotile.  These invoices can be approved or rejected with just one click.  Simple…yes!  Users control the approval process by reviewing invoices in this area.  Please note that only AP Managers have access to this infotile.

Approval Infotile

The last two Invoices infotiles go hand-in-hand: Prepayments and Payments.  In the Prepayments infotile, supplier prepayments are seen easily, grouped into three aging buckets: 0-30 days, 31-60 days and 61+ days.  Users quickly and easily see when prepayments have not been applied.

In the Payments infotile, invoices due in the next week appear.  Users can make payments directly from this infotile by selecting a row and clicking the Pay button.  The total amount due in one week is refreshed every hour, so users can see changes soon after they’re made.  Please note: the Payments infotile may not be displayed if the user has multiple ledgers, using different ledger currencies.

Prepayments InfotilePayments Infotile

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