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R11 Fact #5 – Payables…Payables Dashboard

There are three work areas found in the Payables Infolet: Payables Dashboard, Invoices and Payments.  Earlier, I discussed the Invoices work area.  Today, let’s review the Payables Dashboard.  This Dashboard is separated into four sections: Invoices Requiring Attention, Payment Process Requests, Stop Payment Requests and Supplier Sites on Payment Hold.  The Invoices Requiring Attention work area has five tabs for the user: Requiring My Approval, Pending Approval from Others, Rejected, Invoices on Hold and Installments on Hold.  From this section, the user has the ability to make approvals, rejections or releases on invoices.

Payables Dashboard

Payables - Inv Req Attention

The Payment Process Requests work area provides the user with three areas of interest: Requiring Attention, Recently Completed and Recently Terminated.  Like many other work areas found in Release 11, this one also allows the user a means to drill down to greater details, but also allows the user to take action quickly and easily.

Payables - Pmt Process Requests

Users needing to review stop payment requests may do so on the Stop Payment Requests tab.  In this section, users are also given the opportunity to cancel stop requests and void payments.

Payables - Stop Pmt Req

The last tab on the Payables Dashboard looks at Supplier Sites on Payment Hold.  This section provides the user with pertinent information on these payment holds such as the hold dates and reasons for the holds.

Payables - Supplier Sites on Hold

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