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Oracle Cloud R11-Project Performance Data: No update? No problem!

Ever run into a problem when working with Oracle Cloud’s R11 Project Financial Management software when you go to run the “Edit Project Performance Data” process and nothing happens, nothing gets updated?  Well, there may be an easy and simple fix to that.

There are certain steps to make sure you’ve completed to make this process run smoothly:

  1. Navigate to Setup and Maintenance, task Manage Administrator Profile Values.
  2. Search for “PJS_GLOBAL_START_DATE” Profile Option Code, “Global Start Date for Summarization” display name and complete Profile Value DATE



Then complete the following action plan:

  1. Run the “Maintain Project Performance Data Without Producing Report”, making sure you complete these steps:
    • Search for Maintenance Method” and set to DELETE PROJECT PERFORMANCE SUMMARIZATION TABLES
    • Search for “Purge Summarization Report History” and set to YES



  • When running the “Maintain Project Performance Data Without Producing Report”, the screen will look similar to the one above. In order to locate all parameters to be completed, the user must use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom and scroll all the way to the right, so that a second vertical scroll bar to the right will be seen.


  • By using the second vertical scroll bar on the right, scroll all the way to the bottom. Then use the first vertical scroll bar on the right and scroll down.  The user will then see the “Purge Summarization Report History” parameter.


  • Search for “Delete All Project Performance Summary Table Data” and set to YES
  • Search for “Retain Summarization Report History for the Previous Number of Days” and set to 0


2.  Once the above report has been run without any errors, you must complete these steps, run the “Update Project Performance Data Without Producing Report” (UPPD), making sure you complete the following steps:

  • Search for “Summarization Method” and set to INCREMENTAL

3.  The UPPD process should be running for a project that has:

  • At least one transaction or budgets for summarization to process
  • A Project Manager set to Active as of date



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