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Oracle Cloud R11 – Fact 11 – Expenses Infotiles

In Oracle R11, there is a redesigned Expenses work area with five infotiles: Expense Items, Expense Reports, Approvals, Cash Advances, and Trips.  As it is in most of the other Financial areas, each infotile has a drill-down detailed view for the user.


The Expense Items infotile shows all expense items that are not included in expense reports, and has three areas: Overdue, Card Charges and Cash.  The Overdue area lists the number of corporate card charges that need to be submitted right away.  The Card Charges area lists corporate card charges not included in any expense report.  The Cash area lists cash expenses (paid with cash or with your personal charge card) not on any expense report.


Expense reports that are not paid and/or ready for payment can be found in the Expense Reports infotile.  This infotile highlights three areas: Requires Action, In Progress and In Approval.  The Requires Action area includes reports that need more information from you.  The In Progress area includes a number of expense reports that are rejected, saved, withdrawn or returned.  The In Approval area includes expense reports awaiting approval.


Next there is the Approvals infotile, which provides the number of approval requests for expense reports and cash advances that are waiting on the user.  This infotile also allows the user to click the links to view the approval requests and take action by either approving or rejecting, or just drill down for more details.  This infotile is only available if the user has open approval requests.


The fourth infotile under Expenses is Cash Advances.  It provides a summary of cash advance statuses.  This infotile has four areas: In Progress, In Approval, Overdue and Available.  In the In Progress area, cash advances with the status of saved, rejected, withdrawn or requested more information are shown.  The In Approval area is shown when the user has cash advances that are waiting on manger approval.  When there are cash advances that are not applied to any expense reports and are now past the due date, they are shown in the Overdue infotile.  Finally, when a user has cash advances that are paid and are available for expense reports, those cash advances are provided on the Available infotile.

Under this area, the user can click on links to see the corresponding cash advances and take action.  If a company provides cash advances, then a Request Cash Advance button is seen below this infotile.


When travel is part of a user’s job, then the Travel infotile becomes pretty important.  It shows the number of booked trips (upcoming), and the number of canceled trips.  Users are also allowed to book their travel through this infotile.  When the user clicks on a trip link, they are able to drill down to more trip details and take action, if needed.  The Edit Trip page shows an itinerary for each trip.

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