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Fact #3 – R11 General Ledger: Great For A Laptop Or Mobile Device

I know I’ve already highlighted the new Infolets found in Oracle R11 in the past two blogs, but I’m going to do it again.  I have to because they are the reason the General Ledger section of Release 11 rocks.

Through the new pagination feature found on the Home Screen, R11 allows users to see a snapshot-view of most aspects of the General Ledger quickly and easily.  Below is an example of what that second page of the Home Screen looks like.  As you can see, there are new General Accounting Infolets, which provide key financial information such as AP/AR Reconciliation, I/C Reconciliation, Revenue and Expenses.  At a glance, users can manage accounting and see period close activities.  Plus, this page is perfect for mobile devices, due to the compact nature of the Infolets.

GL Home

Because there are so many awesome General Ledger features in R11, I will just review the basics of a few of them.  With the Open Subledger Infolet, users can easily notice the close process by monitoring which subledgers are open.  As you can see, by using the AP and AR Infolets shown below, users can reconcile swiftly by looking at balances in accounts payable and accounts receivable.  If necessary, users can see transaction details to resolve outstanding items simply through the reconciliation report links.

Open Ledgers infolet                   AP-AR Infolet

In the Revenues Infolet, the highest and lowest performing revenue accounts are shown.  Users can quickly get a more detailed look in this Infolet to view all revenue accounts.  As you will see in most of the General Ledger Infolets, users have the ability to view specific details of each area, if needed.

Revenue infolet

The expense account with the most variance is shown in the Expenses Infolet.  This could be beneficial when monitoring expenses.  Similar to the Revenues Infolet, the Expenses Infolet allows users to take a more detailed look at all expenses accounts quickly and easily.

Expense infolet

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