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Voice of the Machine (VOM) – Are You Listening to Me or “It?”

My grandfather helped build the Golden Gate Bridge, and he used to call his automobile “the machine,” which led to a family tradition of calling any device with some utility a “machine.” This came in very handy during the “heat of battle” when I would point to one of my kids’ devices and say “please […]

inRiver’s AI Improves Product Content Performance, Supports Digital Shelf, and Drives Sales

Once again inRiver is changing the product information management (PIM) platform landscape! Known for having one of the best user interfaces (UI), inRiver PIM helps product managers and merchandisers to enrich product data so that they can sell more products effectively via multiple channels. What’s New with inRiver? The short answer to this is “a […]

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Telling Perfect Product Stories with PIM

Everyone loves a great story. Our oldest friends, sitcoms, movies, books, sports, and music all tell the types of stories that move us. They move us to action or leave us wanting more. When it comes to your website and your products, how can you tell the same type of compelling story? One that moves […]

CX, UX, and Design Take Center Stage at #MagentoImagine

At the Magento Imagine 2017 conference, there has been an emphasis on focusing on great Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX), and Design. CX encompasses all the interactions a person / customer has with your brand. Measured in: overall experience likelihood to continue use likelihood to recommend to others UX is part of a broader […]

Best of Class vs. Packaged One-Size-Fits-All 1:1 Commerce

Are you and your company nimble and 1:1? The 1:1 Marketing team of Don Peppers and Martha Rogers have written a new book with a forward by Geoffrey Moore.  Great insights into the B2B ecosystem and the need to market better and to apply B2C concepts within the B2B marketing model. Forbes Magazine posted a nice […]

Many of us are Visual learners; Most of us are Visual Buyers

Great products sell.  When in a store and you see terrific product design, and when you see that the product exudes quality and clearly has the features that you desire – you buy it. About 65% of people are mainly visual learners, in that they easily pick up information with their eyes. The web and E-Commerce […]